Outdoor rental LED display

Outdoor rental LED display
How to choose outdoor rental LED display?

First of all, you need to think about its functions. If you will use this outdoor LED display mainly for outdoor events, you don't need very high resolution. The pixel pitch like P5.9 would be good option. If you will use this outdoor screen for many indoor events as well, P4.8 and P3.9 would be good options. Especially outdoor P3.9, it is very clear for indoor events, also its minimum viewing distance is about 3m, so it would be a very good item for indoor event as well. Actually P3.9 is one of the main items for many indoor events.

Secondly, you need to think about when you will have the events mostly. If your outdoor events happen in the morning or afternoon or even at night, then brightness is not your concern. The brightness like 3500nits - 4000nits will be fine. Or you even could consider the black LED with 2000nits. As the black LED has much better contrast ratio, 2000nits black LED has better visual effect than 3500nits white LED. If your events will be held in the time when it is strong sunlight, you will need the brightness at least 4500nits.

What are the main things we need to check before we are going to buy an outdoor rental LED display?

First, good white balance. A good white balance enable the screen to show the pure color, and well color uniformity. As the color of outdoor LED display will be affected by the sunlight, if the white balance of the screen is bad, the screen will look terrible.

Second, high quality plastic mask. High quality plastic mask must have anti-ultraviolet. If the mask is not anti-ultraviolet, it will become unless in a short time (For example, the mask will pop up as it is heated by the sunlight, or the color of the mask will fade). Meanwhile, a good quality plastic mask must not shape in the sunlight. What's more, a good plastic mask must have very flat surface, so that it will not affect the viewing angle of the screen.

Third, strong cabinet with good locking system. Outdoor environment could be windy, the cabinet must be strong, and the locking system must be good, otherwise, the screen might fall off during the event.

Four, excellent heat dissipation. Now many outdoor LED display use fanless design, which means the panel needs very good heat dissipation as there are not any fans inside the panel. If the heat dissipation is poor, the power supply of the panel will fail, and that would be a disaster during the event as the screen will black out.

Five, if the screen will be in live show, it needs high refresh rate as well. For some outdoor events, there will be many cameras shooting on the screen. If the screen appear flickering on the camera, that would look very bad. So for these kind of events, the LED display needs high refresh rate.
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