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Novastar VX16s LED Display Video Processor All-in-one LED controller
$2,570.00 Regular price $3,999.00
NovaPro UHD Jr All-in-one Professional 4K LED Video Processor LED Display Controller
$5,800.00 Regular price $8,900.00
Novastar VX Series LED Video Processor VX1000 VX600 VX400 All-in-1 LED Display Controller
From $1,000.00 Regular price $1,599.00
VDWall LVP615 Series LED Display Controller LVP615 615S 615D 615U LED Video Processor
From $450.00 Regular price $590.00
Novastar VX600


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Building stages, event activities, advertising displays, no clue? It can get easier, it's time to let the experts help you!

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P2.5mm LED Poster


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How to achieve a glamorous and cool effect and better management and control of the LED video wall?

Event Video Console

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Video Console

Activity scene

There will be multiple screens in the stage conference, a variety of signals, even the use of splicers and switchers, video consoles, combined use will have a palace-level effect.

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