RGBlink V2 LED Video Processor Cost Effective LED Display Controller Streamlined Video Switcher
From $130.00 Regular price $1,100.00
Novastar VX Series LED Video Processor VX4S VX6S VX4U LED Display Controller DHL Free Shipping
From $1,100.00 Regular price $1,480.00
NovaPro UHD Jr All-in-one Professional 4K LED Video Processor LED Display Controller
$6,780.00 Regular price $12,000.00
Novastar Phobos Series MCTRL 4K/R5 LED Sending Box LED Display Controller
From $2,385.00 Regular price $2,800.00

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We provide high quality products to present the perfect dance art and display technology, release more design inspiration, and let more works sublimate in the light and shadow.

Novastar VX6S (DHL Free Shipping)


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Event Video Console

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Video Console
LED Poster Mirror LED Screen(DHL Free Shipping)


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Come play jigsaw puzzles! It looks complicated and actually very easy. Meet the stage building, exhibitions, shopping mall advertising, conference events, video display solutions at the hotel airport.

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Activity scene

There will be multiple screens in the stage conference, a variety of signals, even the use of splicers and switchers, video consoles, combined use will have a palace-level effect.

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