Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal Body temperature kiosk
From $650.00 Regular price $1,500.00
NovaPro UHD Jr All-in-one Professional 4K LED Video Processor LED Display Controller
$5,800.00 Regular price $12,000.00
Novastar Taurus Series LED Display Controller TB8 TB6 TB3 LED Multimedia Player
From $100.00 Regular price $399.00
VDWall LVP615 Series LED Display Controller LVP615 615S 615D 615U LED Video Processor
From $450.00 Regular price $590.00
Novastar VX Series LED Video Processor VX4S VX6S VX4U LED Display Controller
From $1,000.00 Regular price $1,480.00
RGBlink V2 LED Video Processor Cost Effective LED Display Controller Streamlined Video Switcher
$200.00 Regular price $500.00

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