LED display problem shooting- black screen

LED display problem shooting- black screen
How to choose outdoor rental LED display? What are the main things we need to check before we are going to buy an outdoor rental LED display? As outdoor rental LED display gets higher and higher resolution, it has much larger demands than before. So many people are thinking about to buy an outdoor P4.8, P3.9 rental LED display as they could be used in many indoor events as well. However, people start to have the questions like above mentioned. Here we will analyze these things about outdoor rental LED display.

There are many types of problems for LED display products, today we will analyze the common type: black screen. It means the whole screen is showing nothing.

LED display problem shooting

Step 1, check the power of the screen. Go to the back of the screen, and then check if the power of the screen is on or not. You could check the receiving card of the panel, if there is no power, all of the receiving cards will stop working, and the lights on the receiving cards will stop blinking as well. If the power is all right, then go to the step 2.

Step 2. Check the setting of the display mode of the screen. Normally we will use synchronous system controller. For this type, the computer needs to be clone mode or duplicate mode. So go to the display setting of the computer(or graphics card setting), check if the setting is clone mode or duplicate mode. If the setting is right, then go to the step 3.

Step3. Check the DVI cable. Unplug the DVI cable and then plug it back. If still not working, then replace it with a new cable and try. Please be noted: When you unplug or plug the cable, make sure the power of controller is off.

Step4. Check the signal cable CAT5 or CAT6 from the controller to the screen. If there is no connection problem, try to replace the cable with a new one because sometimes the CAT5 or CAT6 cable gets problem as well.

Step5. Use the CAT5 or CAT6 cable to connect a different panel from the screen side. The reason we try this is because if the receiving card of the first panel has problem, it can not pass the signal to the next panel. So when you use the net cable to connect the other panel instead of the first one, we could find out if the first one has problem or not.

Step6. Check the power of the controller. The controller has the power switch. If the light of the controller is off, it means there is no power of the controller or the controller is broken. So check the power switch button and also check the power cable. Meanwhile, replace the controller and try if you have the backup one.

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