LED Multimedia Player

How to make your advertising product more Intelligent?

We all know the LED display is controlled by a computer. However, this is the old way. For example, if you have many digital advertising video scre...

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Transparent LED display

Applications of Transparent LED Screen in the Fields of Architectural Media

We often call the buildings "architectural media" which are referred to carriers of information. With the development of photoelectric technology like LED, architectural media technology has made saltant progress. In recent years it has been gradually chased after by the market, especially in the application of glass curtain wall building, where various solutions have emerged. A new type of LED display technology of high transparency, which is featured as high permeability and ultrathin, has obvious advantages in the field of architectural media.

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A. Confirmation of Installation Type Based on different application areas of LED display, installation is divided into a variety of types including...

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1. The use of turning on/off LED screen and hardware.1.1 Switch process:Turn on LED screen:A. Power on the equipments ( Ensure inputting correct vo...

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