Magnimage MIG-H9+MIG-V16 Studio Stage Video Control Switcher Solution for Conference

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H9 & V16 are Magnimage's The latest stage broadcast control solution, consisting of MIG-H9 video console and MIG-V16 full 4K video switchers. Used in large size LED giant screen and complex performance launch site, with excellent performance, fit choreography design, can achieve the ultimate viewing experience. The use of folding design, large touch screen, support group control, split screen display, super display, multiple backup, full 4K output / input, able to a machine with multiple controls, super layers, double security field control security design.

MIG-H9 video console is Magnimage's latest launch of a large video console, built-in high-performance central processor, video processing performance is very powerful, the overall ultra-thin design, equipped with a foldable 43.8-inch large touch screen, resolution up to 3840 * 1080 @ 60 Hz. can be signal input and output, configuration layers, target scenes, real-time monitoring of preset targets, easy to complete a variety of Seamless switching between display scenes. Using MIG-H9, you can store 300 kinds of user presets; T-BAR switching, you can choose a variety of switching effects; with a single or multiple MIG-V16 switchers to use, is the most ideal video control equipment for large conferences, large interactive performances, concerts and other events.
Magnimage MIG-H9+MIG-V16 Studio Stage Video Control Switcher Solution for Conference
  • A 43.8-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen
  • Resolution up to 3840*1080@60Hz.
  • Support for storing 300 user presets with custom OLED labels.
  • support for touch, keypad, console keys multiple control methods.
  • Real-time monitoring of inputs, outputs and presets in the console.
  • T-BAR switching, with multiple switching effects to choose from.
  • two independent Gigabit network interfaces for the main control system.
  • an additional exclusive HDMI port for picture playback.
  • USB port for connecting other external accessories, such as mouse, keyboard, U disk, etc..
  • support for three external HDMI signals to switch to the console touch screen display.
  • Support built-in UPS uninterruptible power supply;
  • Can be used with a single or multiple MIG-V16 switchers;
MIG-V16 is Magnimage's latest new high-performance full 4K video switchers, using high-capacity high-speed FPGA and high-speed digital bus matrix-based hardware architecture, the internal RBG 24bits/60Hz processing; built-in high-performance scaling engine, support for multi-screen output seamless splicing, output image clarity, realistic color, sharp levels, smooth, no delay. Adopt hybrid matrix input, a variety of 4K, 2K input module customization options, support holding 4K x 2K/60Hz 4:4:4 input/output, real-time pre-monitoring of input and output images; with the MIG-H9 console, can achieve multi-layer and multi-layer fade in and out switching, multi-screen multi-scene switching and other functions, widely used in auto shows, business meetings, product launches, stage performances, etc. Occasions
  • 16-channel 4K main output, 2-channel 4K AUX output
  • 1 channel multi-window pre-surveillance, pre-surveillance interface support customization, 1 channel HDMI console back to display
  • Maximum support for 24-channel 4K x 2K/60Hz 4:4:4 input
  • 4K/2K boards with different interfaces can be mixed to meet a variety of input requirements
  • Single machine supports up to 32 layers or 16 4K layers
  • Support 8 point-to-point background images
  • Support HDCP1.4&2.2
  • Input signal support EDID management
  • Image interception, layer ZOOM function
  • Layer overlay
  • Support edge fusion
  • Support external synchronization, support multi-machine cascade splicing
  • Dual power supply redundancy backup
H9 cooperates with V16

H9 cooperates with V16