LED Poster Mirror LED Screen

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LED Poster Mirror LED ScreenApplied in various applications,Replaced traditional paper roll.
Convention centers, shopping malls, meeting rooms, command & control centers,airports, gas stations, supermarkets, clubs and restaurants. 
  • Eye catching even from long distance
The full screen size is approximately 1900mm x 600mm and is viewable from a distance of 20 meters.
  • Providing a magnificent visual experience
High 2880Hz refresh rate and 1200 nits brightness
which is 3 times brighter than an LCD display.
160° wide viewing angle with more realistic color reproduction.
  • Controlled via mobile phone/Computer/ WiFi/USB connection
Led Poster can be operated by an IOS/Android App.
Easily change and save the content on the phone and upload in 10 seconds.
  • Every detail is Carefully designed.
Every aspect of the use and performance of the LedPoster carefully considers the aesthetic and operational demands of our discerning customers.LED Poster Mirror LED Screen

LED Poster Mirror LED Screen Multiple installations
Suitable for hanging, wall-mounted, base-standing, bracket standing and creative installation. 
LED Mesh Screen Multiple installations
LED Poster Mirror Pantalla de LED Application
LED Mesh Screen Application
LED Poster Mirror LED Screen Parameters
LED Mesh Screen ParametersNote: It is a complete LED display system that includes standing bracket, universal wheel, Flight Case, and spare parts. It only needs to be powered on, it can be used, support mobile phone WIFI control, U disk and computer control, multi-screen splicing.