What is the LED poster screen? LED poster screen advantages and applications

What is the LED poster screen? LED poster screen advantages and applications
At present, the advertising machine market mainly LCD LCD screen, but with the birth of small screen LED spacing, breaking the LED display is only suitable for long-range viewing barriers, coupled with lower and lower cost LED screen, the playback is amazing, there has been A New Media Advertising Communication Device LED Poster Screen.

LED Poster display Screen

First, what is the LED poster screen?

LED posters commonly known as "static screen" is evolved from the advertising machine, but also belong to a small space LED display a breakdown of the field of products. LED poster screen is a static picture in the form of timing switching, is a subversion of the original dynamic playback, sound image mode LED "mirror screen." Of course, LED poster screen can also play dynamic video. Currently LED "mirror screen" is fast into the commercial display market and replace some of the LCD advertising machine, as many businesses to create the perfect shopping environment magic, but also opened up the LED display in the commercial era.

Second, LED poster screen advantage

1. Lightweight screen body, front maintenance, exterior design strive to show the high-end atmosphere, fashionable and flexible installation, to meet the needs of a variety of installation scenarios.

2. The system uses zero set design, easy operation, advertising plug and play, but also through mobile APP intelligent remote monitoring and management, so that everything is under control. LED "mirror screen" can be any stitching, so it is more traditional LCD, DLP, a larger area, broader perspective, and therefore more eye-catching, visual impact is stronger.

3. In quiescent state, the requirement of color and sharpness is more obvious than that of dynamic video. The viewer watches more detail in still state and has superb ability to deal with close-up ink and ripple.

4. Stability, static images can be controlled in a few seconds beating, fast and slow phenomenon will not occur. There is also stability in the control management system, information dissemination and so on.

Third, LED poster screen applications

Retail is one of the most important application areas of LED poster screen. In addition to indoor retail, the application of LED poster screen in the outdoor advertising field is also rapidly developing. Whether people are waiting for traffic light or looking for a favorite clothing store, Or in the walkthrough, the LED poster screen can successfully pull everyone's attention.

Other areas such as shopping centers, restaurants, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury stores, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, live video, restaurants, reception halls, product launches, mobile screens and chain stores , Is also very suitable for LED poster screen use.

And with the progress of science and technology, each LED display factory continuously plowed into the field of subdivision according to the product's performance and functions. The technologies such as HD smart, naked-eye 3D, AR human-computer interaction and VR virtual "fitting test" are continuously applied to LED posters Above the screen products.
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