New Features:
1. Image Booster Engine function
2. Support for the function of displaying image on screen for test via DVI of the MCTRL4K
3. Support for the 5759 chip
4. Support for the VX16S all-in-one device
5. Support for the Mee200、KT8E device
6. Support for decoding parameter adjustment when the 16259 chip uses the 5366 decoding type
7. Support for A6s program readback
Fixed Bugs:
1. Fixed the LED error detection problem of the 5353B chip.
2. Support for open-circuit LED error detection for the 5038 chip
3. Modified the 3D function and added the operation of saving 3D parameters to hardware.
4. Fixed the problem that the ABCDE signal delay time cannot be sent.
5. Fixed the LED error detection problem of the 5151 chip.
1. Optimized the upgrading of 9929/9926/9930/9935 chips.
2. Optimized the upgrading of multifunction card program.
3. Optimized the speed of sending the receiving card parameter to the specified receiving cards.
4. Optimized the speed of sending the receiving card parameters after the cabinet rotation is configured.
In the previous version, the grayscale levels of the 2163/2053/2153/2050/2059/2055/2065 chips are calculated incorrectly. This version has fixed the problem. The grayscale levels in the previous version and this version are different, but it does not affect the configuration file compatibility or display effect.

The LED display control systems are categorized into synchronous control system and asynchronous control system. In synchronous control system, the images are played and controlled on the screen synchronously with the video source (such as on PC or camera). In asynchronous control system, they are played and controlled asynchronously. The program is pre-stored on the local playback device and then played according to the playback schedule.

No matter in which control system, the application scenario requires a piece of supporting software to configure the control system. Based on the needs of different users, NovaStar has designed and developed an LED screen configuration tool — NovaLCT.

As a basic screen configuration tool running on Windows, NovaLCT has the following features.

Easy to install

The latest installation package can be downloaded from NovaStar official website at any time and it is quick and easy to install.

Practical functions

A lot of commonly used functions are provided, such as screen configuration, screen monitoring, redundancy settings, brightness adjustment, multi-batch adjustment, dark or bright line adjustment, multifunction card management and other configuration functions. Thanks to these functions, the screen can present optimal display effect and is easy to to manage and maintain.

Wide scope of applications

NovaLCT can be used to configure NovaStar synchronous control system products and multimedia players of asynchronous control system. It meets different needs of screen manufacturers, contractors, distributors, rental application clients, end users and technical support engineers.

Efficient configuration

After the PC and control system product are connected, users can perform any operations with the PC. NovaLCT displays the corresponding functions and parameters according to the different hardware models and programs. During configuration, various kinds of configuration files can be used to complete operations quickly.
If the configuration information is saved to the hardware, it will not be lost even after the hardware is powered off.

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