COVID-19 Post Return to Work Protection Knowledge Guide

COVID-19 Post Return to Work Protection Knowledge Guide

COVID-19 Post Return to Work Protection Knowledge Guide
Everyone is homebound due to the continued impact of COVID-19. Consider the need to resume work and to carry out the necessary protection against sterilization for the control of epidemic infectious diseases.

"Three pieces of advice" on the way to and from work

1 It is recommended that you take your temperature at home and make sure it is normal before going out to work. If abnormal body temperature is detected, please observe it at home or go to the hospital as appropriate. Wear a mask before going out.
2 It is recommended to commute by walking, cycling or private car, and to avoid public transport as much as possible. If you have to use public transport, you must wear a mask throughout the journey, avoid touching the car with your hands and keep a certain distance from others.
3 It is recommended that you first wash your hands and disinfect them after taking off your mask at home. Cell phones. Wipe items such as keys with a disinfectant wipe or 75% alcohol.

The "three consciences" of entering the company

1 Consciously cooperate with the body temperature test before entering the office building, so that the body temperature is normal before entering the building. If body temperature is above 37.3°C (inclusive), you should be observed at home or see a doctor, as appropriate.
2 Wash your hands consciously after entering an office building.
3 Wear a mask consciously when taking the elevator and wash your hands promptly after touching the elevator button.
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