LED display refresh rate

LED display refresh rate
For LED display parameter, when it comes to refresh rate, lots of people think if the LED display product will not be shot by cameras, there is no need to have high refresh rate. Is it really correct? Here we will discuss the importance of refresh rate to the LED display products.

What is refresh rate for LED display?

For digital electronic display system, refresh rate is the number of frames per second the LED display can display. Its unit is a Hertz, which is equal to 1/second. For example, 360Hz means it can draw 360 images per second. Normally the LED display requires at least 360Hz. If it is lower than 360Hz, our eyes will feel the screen is flickering.

How do refresh rate affect the visual effect of LED display products?

As mentioned above, the higher refresh rate, the more images the LED display can play per second. For example, if the display content of the LED display is the high speed action movie, regular refresh rate display system will appear halted or crashed. Meanwhile, if the refresh rate is lower than 2000Hz, it will appear flickering on the camera. See below image.

LED display refresh rate

What levels of refresh rate for different kinds of LED display products.

Normally 1920Hz refresh rate is good enough for most of the LED displays. And if the LED display needs to display high speed action videos, or the LED display will be shot by the camera, the LED display needs to have over 2550Hz refresh rate.

How to increase the refresh rate?

1) Hard ware. Driving IC plays a key role for refresh rate in the display system. Meanwhile, the display control system (sending card and receiving card) will also affect the refresh rate a lot. What's more, a good PCB design also could helps to increase the refresh rate. So if you need high refresh rate, you need to use high-end driving IC like MBI5252, MBI5153, etc. And you need to have a good display control system and great PCB design.

2) Software. The display control software would also be very important to the refresh rate. The display software comes from the display hardware. So a good display control hardware is necessary.

3) One thing we should be aware is unlike grayscale, a super high refresh rate is not always desirable. When the refresh rate gets higher, it has higher requirement to the quality of the LED. If the LED quality is too low, it can not stand the impact of the high refresh rate. So the LED will get damaged easily. So when the refresh rate is high than 1920Hz refresh rate, it need high quality LED. Meanwhile, it is not wise to make the refresh rate very high. Normally we should make the refresh rate under 3840Hz. If the refresh rate is too high, it will affect the LED's lifespan.

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