Outdoor LED display installation instruction

Outdoor LED display installation instruction
LED display products are getting more and more popular, especially outdoor commercial advertising LED display, you could see it almost in every city in the world. Here are some instruction for the installation of outdoor LED display.

1) Install lightning protection system. For most of time, outdoor LED display product are installed attached on the building or supported by poles or even on the roof of the building, which brings it more chance to be struck by the lightning. Especially when the screen is stalled in the open space, a lightning protection system is installed in the power distributer is very necessary.

lightning protection system

2) Install extra cooling system when necessary. If the temperature is lower than 35 degree, it is not necessary to install extra cooling system. But there must be enough of space for the screen to dissipate the heat by nature wind in the back. That means the back of the screen can not be sealed, also the screen can't touch the wall directly (from the screen to the wall, the distance should be at least 60cm). If the temperature is over 35 degree but less than 40 degree, we could install some big fans in the back of the screen. So the air could move faster and take the heat away quickly. When the temperature is over 40 degree, we need to install air conditioner for the screen.

Outdoor LED display

3) Choose a right location. For regular steel material LED display cabinet, it can not be installed close to the sea, otherwise, the screen will get rusted because of the salty humid air. If the screen has to be installed close to the sea, we need to use aluminum cabinet material or SECC cabinet material. Meanwhile, if the location is very hot over 40 degree or the location is very cold lower than minus 20 degree, we need to use very good quality power supply and cables.

Outdoor LED display

4) Build a strong frame. When we build the frame, we need to consider the load bearing of the frame and the wind force. For some locations, especially the location is near the sea, there are some typhoon weather in a year. So we must consider all possible weather might happen. The frame must be strong enough.

LED display frame

5) Choose a right place to put the controlling computer. Normally the screen is used CAT5 cable connection. Since the communication distance of CAT5 cable is 100 meters maximum, we need to leave the controlling computer near the screen. If the distance between the controlling computer and the LED display is more than 100 meters, we need to use remote control system or we need to use optical fiber cable instead of the CAT5 cable.

optical fiber cable

6) Choose a right power distribution. Before we build the power distribution for the LED display, we need to calculate the maximum power consumption of the LED display. Meanwhile, we also need to calculate how many lines of power input for the screen. Normally the power cables of the LED display is 2.5MM, so if the power is AC220V, one line of power cable should carry 4500W maximum, and if the power is AC110V, one line of power cable should carry 2200W maximum. So when we build the power distribution, we should choose the right number of power outputs.
power distribution

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