How to choose the right LED display?

How to choose the right LED display?
China has developed the most advanced LED display technology in the world. Back to few years ago, people were still questioning about the technology of indoor P3, which was the narrowest pixel pitch in the world. However, now we could see there are many places already installed P1.5 LED displays. And the performance of those narrow pixel pitch LED display products are incredibly amazing. So there is no double that the LED display technology in China has improved a lot. But we still could see there are many LED displays are performing horrible. Now we have a question, how to choose the right LED display product.
How to choose the right LED display
When it comes to the LED display quality, many people would think the LED chip matters the most. So they will ask for good LED chip like Epistar. However, if you go to the LED encapsulation factory, you will find the encapsulation of the LED needs many material and also it has many process. Obviously the LED chip is very important to the LED. But if the LED encapsulation manufacturer does not handle well the other material and the process of encapsulation, the LED will also get problem easily. Meanwhile, the LED chip manufacturers also has improved their technology a lot. For example, Silan LED chip has got a great reputation in the market. Therefore, instead of focusing on the brand of LED chip, it would be more secure to choose a good LED brand. If you choose a good LED brand( LED encapsulation manufacturer), your LED quality could be guaranteed. That is because a good LED encapsulation manufacturer such as Multi-Color, Nationstar, etc. will have very strict quality control. After you choose the LED encapsulation brand, then you could ask for more details. To ensure the stability of LED, you could ask the supplier to use the big LED chip with gold bonded wire.

If you are in the event business, you will find sometimes the whole panel is black without showing anything. That problem happens most of time is because of poor quality of the signal cable and the power supply. So to ensure the stable performance of the LED display, you also need to make sure the power cable, signal cable, power supply, and the connectors have good quality.

If your screen is outdoor advertising LED display, you will find the heat dissipation is very important. We see many screens have very bad color uniformity. Cheap quality LED will cause bad white balance. And poor heat dissipation performance will also cause bad white balance. That's because in different temperature conditions, the brightness attenuation of R,G,B LED are different. Especially when the temperature is over 35 degree, different LEDs have very different attenuation, so different individual LED will have different brightness and wavelength. And then their white balance will be very had. To have a good heat dissipation, first of all, the cabinet design must have good heat dissipation. Secondly, the external cooling is necessary if the temperature is too high. Meanwhile, for outdoor advertising LED display, the waterproof and dust proof performance is also very important. Many screens are having issues is because the water is leaking inside the panel and cause the problem. What is more, if your panel has a very good dust proof design, it will also extend the lifespan of the LED.

When your screen has the pixel pitch less than 5mm, you need to think about its grayscale. Normally each panel only has one receiving card. When the pixel pitch is less 5mm, it means each receiving card will carry lots of pixels. Although the receiving card is still able to drive the panel, it will have very bad performance on its grayscale. There are two ways to increase the grayscale: First, use high-end driver on the PCB. The high-end driver could increase not only the grayscale but also the refresh rate. Second, use more receiving card for each panel.

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