How to choose the best matched control computer for led video screens?

How to choose the best matched control computer for led video screens?

How to choose the best matched control computer for led video screens?
Needless to say, the computer is now widely used for most of the applications, like home entertainment, cooperate use and industrial installations. Ok, let’s talk about the requirements for control computer if using together with LED video screens.

Business and Industrial Computer for LED Video Screens

As you may know, business and industrial computer are much better for stable working. Why? Because they can work from 5,000 hrs to 20,000 hrs (MTBF, is short for Mean Time Between Failures) without failure, while home computer usually works for a short time in good condition.
control computer for led video screens

control computer for led video screens
Control computer for large format led displays

Ok, let me know which kind of computer is good for outdoor led screens with permanent installation? And what about led screens for events?

Business Computer Can Satisfy Stage Events Needs

Stage events don’t last a long time, usually, it is 2 or 3 days. For this kind of shows, the computer is placed nearby the screen, also have one technician stay with it all the time. In this case, we can use the business computer.

Industrial Computer is Ideal for Outdoor Weatherproof Installations

And for outdoor permanent installations, we have to use the industrial computer for harsh weather if without a control room nearby, also there is no technical stay with it for 7/24 hours working. Actually, the difference is very little between business and industrial computer if compared to working performance and compatibility, but industrial computer considers more for waterproof, dustproof, high and low-temperature resistance… That is why industrial computers are very popular in the industrial area, traffic areas, environmental protection, and automation field, acting as the best solution for human-computer interaction and workflow control.

Graphic & Video Card is Important for High-Quality Video Performance

Meanwhile, graphic & video card is very important for good video performance on led screens. It is optimal if the graphics card with a dual output interface, one for providing the signal to the led screen, the other for monitoring the video sources on the LED screen. That is what we called the mirror image. In this case, the led screen can display the same images or videos with a computer monitor.

So how should I select the video card?

It depends on the resolution of the led video wall. The higher the resolution, the more the data for each frame rate. If the memory of the video card is not good enough, the computer may lock up during working.

Here are our suggestions on graphics cards and monitors:

1) 256M independent graphics card for 1280×1024 or below, monitor from 17 to 21 inches
2) 512M or more for 1920×1080 (2K), no less than 21.5 inches
3) 1G for 3840×2160 (4K) display.

Please notice the independent video card is with a PCI-E slot, so the customer can buy and install it to computer case accordingly.
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