How do i test an LED screen

How do i test an LED screen?

How do i test an LED screen?
That is a good question for the startups who want to buy an LED screen for the first time.

To get all the details, probably several days are needed for discussion. Everybody might be very busy, let’s make a long story short. Okay, just 5 minutes, you will tell me it’s not complicated at all. Here is one of the most critical things.

*** LED screen is a monitor, that’s all. Hence, the top importance is its performance. ***

Actually, the test is really SIMPLE. All you have to do is test BOTH white and black images, better from the darkest (level 0) to the brightest (level 255), like 0-32, 32-64, 64-128… Then, the eyes will tell you the rest, such as

  1. how good is the contrast ratio
  2. how is the color changing, continuously (is GOOD) or skipping obviously during a certain segment…
  3. all existed dead pixels
  4. color shift/difference or pixels missing colors

Almost all the problem could be found with such a white image. That is to say, a perfect white image equals to an excellent displaying performance, ABSOLUTELY YES. (Notes: white color is consisting of 3 different colors, blue, red and green. Totally 256 levels for each color, maximum up to 16-bit image quality. )
You EVEN don’t need to do anything while testing, just asks the factory representative/engineer to do all these for you on site.

PS: If you want to become the professionals, please invest some time and have a try by your hands. The below materials are highly recommended before start testing an LED screen.

Tools: LED tester (the software frequently used by manufacturers.) If needed, please leave me a message.
Image Materials: White/Black/Green/Red/Blue images (from light to deep), made it by photoshop
Video materials: Customized video: exactly the same resolution as your LED screen, then you get the real effect which your audience saw
Different resolution videos: from 320×240 to 1920×1080 Full HD, depending on the screen size you ordered, test by the
(IMPORTANT: You only get the best effect based on a pixel to pixel displaying, while not playing compressed or enlarged video.

Please remind the performance is also highly related to video quality, that is why different quality video materials should be prepared.) Besides, there are still some other important things should be tested as well, like waterproof, brightness, refresh rate…

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