ECSR YC-LC518 LED Sending Box LED Display Screen Controller

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ECSR YC-LC518 LED controller box With synchronous playback and asynchronous playback. During synchronous playback, various different playback devices are connected through the HDMI interface, and the content displayed on the LED display is synchronized with the input source. Play the content of the local storage directly in asynchronous mode.

ECSR YC-LC518 Function

1 This product are used to replace the traditional computer + LED sending card mode, it can realize many kinds of functions of LED display screen to meet the various needs of the market. It can completely replace computers for terminal management, network management, information transmission and storage, synchronized and asynchronous play controller and so on.
2 Has synchronous and asynchronous playback functions. Accessing different playback devices through HDMI interface when playing synchronously, the content displayed on the LED display screen is synchronized with the input source. Play locally stored program content directly whilst in asynchronous mode.
3 Synchronization mode and asynchronization mode can be switched manually locally or automatically according to planed (Play synchronous signal in a certain period of time, and return to asynchronous play automatically after completion).
4 It can play words, pictures, animations, videos, analog clocks, real-time information (real-time stock information, real-time exchange rate information, real-time news), real-time streaming media (network television), etc.
5 Local stored programs can be broadcasted and different contents can be broadcasted in different windows, supporting full HD programs (1080P full frame hard decoding);
6 Supports smartphone’s app control and management;
7 Supports remote upgrade and offline testing.
8 The product can be updated by network (ethernet, 3G/4G, WIFI, etc.) or U disk(It will automatically updated after insertion U disk);
9 Time plan can be set to play different content according to different time, control screen brightness, volume and so on.
10 Integrating WIFI and 3G/4G module interface, users can choose and match according to needs.
11 Supports temperature, humidity, brightness monitoring (need to expand the monitoring board);

ECSR YC-LC518 Feature

1 Flexibility: no need computer, small size, easy installation, suitable for various occasions;
2 The operation is simple: no local operation is needed after setting up the sending card, and automatically enters the working mode after power-on;
3 High stability: The design are according to industrial control mode, the stability is higher than PC.
4 Antivirus: Embedded Linux solidified operating system, virus can not be infected;
5 Low cost: Perfect replacement of computer, low cost solution;
6 The product can be controlled remotely: access network (ethernet, 3G/4G, WIFI, etc.) can be used for remote control and information diffusion;
7 Programs do not need to be recorded: they can play video, pictures and other multimedia files directly, do not need to record programs in advance, it can save time and storage space of asynchronous cards.
8 Has stereo output and can play audio video programs.

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