How to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination

How to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination
How harmful nuclear pollution is to the human body, I believe we don’t need to talk about it, everyone is talking about nuclear discoloration. Although ordinary people are not exposed to nuclear pollution under normal circumstances, people who work in special fields such as nuclear power plants, hospitals, the military, chemical plants, and nuclear-related industries may suffer from radioactive pollution, so they must master certain emergency measures. And it is necessary to be equipped with special nuclear pollution decontamination equipment. Next, this article will introduce how to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use to decontaminate it. Let's take a look.

1. How to deal with nuclear pollution?

1. Nuclear pollution removal methods: physical method, chemical method, electrochemical method, physical-chemical method, microbial removal method, incineration, super compression method and soil nuclear pollution removal methods such as soil decontamination, deep plowing of soil, Stripping film, forest restoration, etc., and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of various removal methods. Strengthen management to reduce nuclear pollution sources, strengthen the joint use of existing treatment methods, develop new microbial treatment technologies, and develop genetic engineering repair plants.

2. Once the containment of the nuclear reactor is damaged, it is necessary to control the released pollutants in the plant area as much as possible, and at the same time control the groundwater source and soil. Avoid radioactive materials and dust coming together, otherwise they will spread with the flowing air.

3. Nuclear power plants usually distribute emergency supplies to surrounding residents, such as iodine preparations, which will be taken in the event of a nuclear leak.

4. Avoid going out as much as possible, and try to stay in a confined space indoors. If you must go out, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, and minimize exposure to exposed skin and air.

5. If a nuclear power plant leaks, nearby residents should evacuate first, and distance protection is the first priority.

2. What is used to decontaminate nuclear pollution?

Nuclear pollution decontamination has specialized equipment, including nuclear and radiation decontamination boxes, powerful decontamination spray irrigation, nuclear decontamination beds, nuclear, biochemical and chemical decontamination equipment, local wound decontamination devices, and surface nuclear pollution decontamination equipment. The details are as follows:

1. Nuclear and radiation decontamination box
How to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination
The nuclide pollution decontamination kit consists of three parts, including chemical reagents, hygiene products and self-made special decontamination preparations. The first two parts come from products that meet the national and industry standards. The self-made decontamination preparation uses the special chelating agent DTPA as the main agent to synthesize a DTPA-Na salt stable preparation that meets the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, and use it to prepare Schubert solution and compound decontamination solution. Special effect decontamination agent for radionuclide pollution. Make DTPA-Na shampoo and hand mask at the same time.

2. Powerful decontamination sprinkler irrigation

Transformed from the original ordinary pressure sprayer, it is made of special steel resistant to chemical agents. Pressure hoses are resistant to reagents, acid-base solutions and other active substances used. The unit is manufactured in this way by directly driving and operating the mixing device through the pump tube, allowing for easy combination of decontamination liquid, powder and decontamination chemicals, allowing 12L of mixed decontamination solution to be used at a time.
How to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination
3. Nuclear decontamination bed

FQX-1 nuclear decontamination bed is a kind of whole body cleaning equipment for human body. It is specially designed for the seriously injured in nuclear pollution. The bed and mattress are not made of ordinary plastic materials, but are made of ceramic-based nano-composite materials, which are resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and have a dense surface to avoid contaminated nuclear, biological and chemical pollutants remaining on the surface of the bed and prevent secondary contamination. Sewage.
How to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination
4. Light nuclear, biological and chemical decontamination device

The light nuclear biochemical decontamination device (domestic) is used in the decontamination and disinfection of personnel, equipment (including weapons, masks, protective mesh fabrics, etc.), vehicles, and the cleaning and disinfection of transporting food tanks and grounds contaminated by biochemical pollution. Disinfection operations, etc.

The decontamination system adopts an integrated non-separation design. The whole set of decontamination system includes a high-temperature heating system, a cold water system, a 50-100 degree Celsius hot water system, a small pressurization system, and a decontamination liquid mixing container, including an adsorption tee, temperature adjustment, and decontamination system. One pressure valve, decontamination spray gun (high-pressure direct injection, high-pressure umbrella injection, low-pressure umbrella injection), and one high-temperature decontamination gun; three different modes of low pressure, high pressure, and steam can be used for different polluted targets. Disinfection work to achieve the purpose of efficient cleaning.
How to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination
5. Local wound decontamination device

The local wound decontamination device is a radioactive or biochemical decontamination device, which can be carried by a single soldier. It is a radiochemical and biological sanitation decontamination equipment that can be operated by a single person. The box is made of high-strength polyethylene. Material. It is a special system for cleaning and disinfecting personnel polluted by nuclear, chemical, biological and other toxic and harmful substances under field conditions or in case of emergencies to prevent the spread of pollution. The system has currently issued troops. The system has the characteristics of simple and easy to use, fast maneuvering, high fault tolerance, safety and comfort, high efficiency and good durability.
How to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination
6. Surface nuclear pollution decontamination device

The surface nuclear pollution decontamination device is a high-efficiency surface pollution decontamination device developed for nuclear power equipment and site surface radioactive contamination. The equipment consists of the main body of the decontamination device and the decontamination operation head, supplemented by different nuclide decontamination solutions to meet the decontamination requirements of different equipment or sites and body surfaces. During the decontamination process, if radioactive aerosol pollution occurs, it can be Connecting hoses are used to work together with a set of nuclear air purifiers to meet the requirements of radioactive decontamination of equipment or sites to the greatest extent.
How to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination
The above are the emergency treatment methods and decontamination equipment for nuclear pollution. After reading this article, do you have the answer to "how to deal with nuclear pollution and what to use for decontamination".
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