l Series Small Pitch LED Screen

$5,800.00 USD
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Small pixel pitch series

Pixel pitch: PH1.27mm PH1.58mm PH1.9mm PH2.5mm

Application field: smart cities, traffic control centers, security monitoring centers, video meeting rooms, radio and TV systems, exhibition centers and other places.
  • Golden ratio, high gray scale and high refresh rate in low brightness 16:9 2K 4K 8KVDl Small Pitch LED Screen
Designed according to ergonomics, 16:9 screen ratio, 2K 4K 8K large screens easily realized, high gray scale and high refresh rate in low brightness, perfect viewing experience.
  • Slim and thin designVDl Small Pitch LED Screen
single cabinet weight only 10kg, adopts fashionable die-casting aluminum frame design.
  • Easy front-access maintenance
Module structure easy to realize front-access maintenance, installation by fixing magnets, easy and convenient dismentling of modules without the use of tools (only needs 30s), unique protective structure which protect modules from damaging.

VDl Small Pitch LED Screen installations
VDl Small Pitch LED Screen
VDl Small Pitch LED Screen ParametersVDl Small Pitch LED Screen Parameters

Notice before order:
1) Parts included : High-quality steel cabinets, LED modules, power supplies, LED receiving card, power cables and signal cables. It does not include sending card. You can order the Master control system by this link: LED Controller.
2) Buy cabinets of same batch: to avoid brightness&color difference on one single screen, you must buy cabinets of the same batch. That is, you must buy the cabinets for one single screen by one order from us.
3) Shipping: The above price does not include shipping cost. The goods can be shipped by sea, by air, by train or by express. You can get your forwarder to ship the goods for you. If you need us to ship the goods, please talk with our online sales to confirm the shipping details.
4) Tariff: Our price does not include any tariff or duties at the destination, you should do import customs clearance and pay all tariff or duties locally.

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