RGBlink Venus X1 Series LED Video Processor Venus X1pro e X1 LED Display Controller

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RGBLink VENUS X1PRO E 4K HD LED Video Processor

Essential 4K Video Scaling and Splicing, X1profeatures four 2K DVI outputs providing a full 4K split from 4K inputs.X1pro e offers mulitple operation modes to extend usage application beyond 4K split to splicing applicaitons inlcuding 8Kx1K, 2Kx4K and more.2K and Dual 2K ($Kx1K) modes offer preview capability for even more control.Fitted sparandard DVI and DisplayPort connecots, X1pro offers three option slots for 2K inputs sources which may include USB2.0 media and 3G-SDI.Control directly from the front panel or connect and control from XPOSE via RS232.X1pro e is intutive and fast to use, ideal for everyday video processing beyond 2K.
*This price is the base configuration price, please contact us for additional configuration.
● 8Kx1K, 4Kx2K and more
● Pixel-to-pixel scaling
● Independent scaling
● Multiple operation modes including 2K and Dual 2K preview
● Seamless switching
● Redundant outputs and hot back up facility
● Test patterns built in
● Compact 1U housing
RGBLink VENUS X1PRO E 4K HD LED Video Processor
RGBLink VENUS X1PRO E 4K HD LED Video Processor

RGBLink VENUS X1PRO 4K HD LED Video Processor

Ideal for dual ouput splicing applications, X1pro is standard with two DVI ouputs for 4Kx1K seamless splicing and scaling from multiple input sources. There are muplie operation modes to provide for flexible operations, inlcuding 2K Presentation mode with DVI outputs as PVW and PGM, as well as 2K standard mode which duplicates the output display while adding PIP support.Add the output expansion to make use of a full 4K split, 8Kx1K splicing and Dual2K previews. Standard inputs include DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI. Additional inputs are available with three user it 2K inputs slots available - options include 3G-SDI, USB2.0 media, Composite and VGA, along with DVI and HDMI. EDID management is available on board as are image quality settings.X1pro is suitable for a wide range of applications that require seamless swithcing and scaling.
● 4K input support
● Input standard 2K formats
● Scale and switch seamlesslybetween inputs
● Output to Dual 2K or expand to 4K split ouput
● EDID management on board
● HDCP 2.0 compliant
● Set custom output resolution
● Control and configure from XPOSE

RGBLink VENUS X1 LED Video Processor

X1 is vdeo processing for every day applications. A resolution in compcat processing, X1 features unique RGBlink modular signal system allowing users to fit a wide range of signal options in up to three slot positions.X1 combines seamless fade in fade out with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirements of modern video presentations, incuding digital video transitions between sources.EDID management is built in for enhanced comptability, while output resolutions may be customised to requirement.Control X1 from the front panel, with large illuminated buttons for signals and OLED dispaly, or control and configure via RGBlink XPOSE for desktop or mobile.Control compatible LED Sender Cards directly from the X1 menu when Sender Cards are fitted into the dual slots provided.
● Seamless switching between inputs wkit transition effects
● Picture-in Picture and Picture by Picture
● Replaceable input optional modules
● User-defined resolutions
● EDID Management on board
● Remote control from XPOSE or XPOSE mobile
● Output up to 2560x1152@50Hz