RGBlink VENUS X7 Splicing LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

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RGBLink VENUS X7 Splicing LED Video Processor

X7 is a 32x32 universal video processor ideal for large scale video wall and presentation applications. Multi-multi operations allow X7 to be configured not only to continuous video wall displays and conventional presentation applications, but also for multi-view control room applications, 3D and matrix routing with full signal/resolution independence.
As with all RGBlink universal processors, X7 is entirely modular allowing bespoke both configuration for installations and dynamic configuration for event applications via patented RGBlink SmartSlot technologies which offer a very wide range of signal options for both input and output.
Output displays/monitors are configured on a virtual canvas or pixel space, and multiple video input sources are simply layered across the pixel space offering an incredible level of flexibility. With a 64 mega pixel output capacity, X7 truly brings multi-signal, multi-display applications together as unified yet dymanic systems.
On board is Genlock Y In support and aupport also for high availability/redundant power applications.

Control X7 from RGBlink XPOSE on your choice of compute platform, from an RGBlionk T Series contrsol console or via RGBlink OpenAPI.
RGBLink VENUS X7 Splicing LED Video Processor
● Unvseral 32 x 32 videowall controller, presentation switch, matric and more
● 64 Mega pixels putput capacity
● Display up to 128 layers
● Resolution independent outputs
● OSD text overlay features for subtitling and messaging
● Wide range of SmartSlot™ modules for input and output
● High availability, redundant power supply option
● high performance, low latency hardware based video processing
● Genlock In support
● Support for scheduling and remote wake/activation
● Support for license/subscription applications
RGBLink VENUS X7 Splicing LED Video Processor

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