RGBlink D6 4K Presentation Scaler & Switcher LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

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RGBLink D6 4K Presentation Scaler & Switcher LED Video Processor

Modern presentations demand 4K at refresh rates supporting digital media. D6 builds on the tradition of its broadcast quality predecessors and RGBlink innovations while adding new and enhanced features. RGBlink modular slots are utilised throughout for the ultimate in flexibility and configurability, with each slot supporting 4K 60fps and signal options including HDMI, DisplayPort and 12G-SDI as well as conventional 2K signal options
D6 has RGBlink XPOSE built right in for interactive and visual configuration in conjunction with the large integrated LCD display. Preview not only directly on board, but also from the dedicated PVW multi-view output.
*The price is the top configuration price, please contact us if you need to customize the configuration.
RGBLink D6 4K Presentation Scaler & Switcher LED Video Processor
The true mixed signal capability D6 synchronises all signals presenting video to output across a range of system operation modes for multi-layer 4K and 2K display with auxiliary video facilities too.

  • 4K@60Hz on HDMI, DisplayPort and/or 12G-SDI
  • Dedicated PVW Output
  • LCD Display and Video Preview
  • Integrated EDID Management
  • DSK / Chroma Key
  • Soft Edge Blending
  • Advanced Image Enhancements including Noise Reduction
  • De-Interlacing
  • Genlock Y In
  • Control Remotely from XPOSE, T-TWO or RGBlink OpenAPI
    LED Video processor Appearance
    RGBLink D6 4K Presentation Scaler & Switcher LED Video Processor
    LED Video processor Working Diagram
    RGBLink D6 4K Presentation Scaler & Switcher LED Video Processor

    RGBLink D6 4K HDR Scaler & Switcher Parameter


    Input Resolution-------
    4 slots, up to 16 inputs
    Select from
    4K Digital Module:1 x DVI | 2 x HDMI | 2 x DisplayPort
    12G-SDI Module :4 x BNC
    Quad 2K HDMI Module:4 x HDMI

    Output Resolution-------
    4 slots, up to 16 outputs
    4K HDMI Module:2 x HDMI
    12G-SDI Module:4 x BNC
    Quad 2K HDMI Module:4 x HDMI

    2 x BNC:Genlock Y In/Loop
    1 x RJ45:LAN
    1 x RJ11:Serial RS232 In
    1 x USB-B:Serial USB In
    1 x USB A:USB In
    Powe : 2 slots  fit up to 2 power supplies  1 x IEC (each power supply)


    Input Resolutions--------
    SMPTE:480i | 576i | 720p@25/30/50/60Hz | 2160p@30/50/60Hz | 1080i@50/59.94/60Hz | 1080psf@23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz | 1080p@23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60Hz
    SMPTE:480i | 576i | 720p@50/60Hz | 1080i@50/60Hz | 1080p@50/60Hz | 2160p@30Hz
    VESA:800x600@50/60Hz | 1024x768@50/60Hz | 1280x720@50/60Hz | 1280x800@50/60Hz | 1280x960@50/60Hz | 1280x1024@50/60Hz | 1400x1050@50/60Hz | 1600x1200@50/60Hz | 2048x1152@50/60Hz | 2560x1600@50/60Hz | 1920x1080@50/60Hz | 3840x1080@50/60Hz | 3840x2160@24/25/30Hz
    DisplayPort | HDMI
    SMPTE:480i | 576i | 720p@50/60Hz | 1080i@50/60Hz | 1080p@50/60Hz | 2160p@50/60Hz
    VESA:800x600@50/60Hz | 1280x720@50/60Hz | 1280x800@50/60Hz | 1400x1050@50/60Hz | 1024x768@50/60Hz | 1280x960@50/60Hz | 1280x1024@50/60Hz | 1600x1200@50/60Hz | 1920x1080@50/60Hz | 2048x1152@50/60Hz | 2560x1600@50/60Hz | 3840x1080@50/60Hz | 3840x2160@24/25/30/50/60Hz | 4096x2160@50/60Hz

    Output Resolutions-------------
    Select from below or configure customized
    SMPTE:480i | 576i | 720p@25/30/50/60Hz | 1080i@50/59.94/60Hz | 1080p@23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60Hz | 1080psf@23.98/24/25/29.97/30Hz | 2160p@30/50/60Hz
    SMPTE:720p@50/60Hz | 1080p@50/60Hz
    VESA:800x600@50/60Hz | 1280x800@50/60Hz | 1400x1050@50/60Hz | 2048x1152@50/60Hz | 1024x768@50/60Hz | 1280x720@50/60Hz | 1280x960@50/60Hz | 1280x1024@50/60Hz | 1600x1200@50/60Hz | 1920x1080@50/60Hz | 2560x1600@50/60Hz | 3840x1080@50/60Hz | 3840x2160@24/25/30/50/60Hz | 4096x2160@50/60Hz

    Supported Standards---------
    SDI:12G SDI

    Voltage:AC 50/60Hz
    Max Power:400W

    Temperature:0°C – 40°C
    Humidity:10% - 85%

    Dimension:Nett:483mm x 545mm x 95mm
    Dimensions:630mm x 595mm x 255mm

    Further Information:
    RGBlink D6
    RGBlink D6 LED Video Controller Specification
    RGBlink D6 LED Video Controller User Manual