Novastar N20 N10 Video Console Multi-Screen Video Switcher LED Video Processor(call for price)

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Novastar N20 N10 4K Presentation Switcher

The N20 and N10 employ FPGA-based highperformance image enhancement architecture and real 4K60p 4:4:4 10-bit internal video processing. With dual working modes, versatile 4K connectivity, high-quality video processing, flawless image mosaic,various transition effects and much more, the N20 and N10 are perfect fits for small/medium-sized live events and many fixed installations requiring high reliability,unrivaled ease of use, optimal image quality and cutting-edge live 4K processing features.
Seamless transitions and smooth video display maximize audience engagement.
Dual working modes make the N20 and N10 more capable, allowing users to choose switcher mode or PGM only mode according to their application requirements. The N20 supports up to 7 layers (3x 4K@60Hz layers and 4x 2K@60Hz layers, or 4x 4K@60Hz layers) and the N10 supports up to 6 layers (2x4K@60Hz layers and 4x 2K@60Hz layers, or 3x4K@60Hz layers). Users can freely arrange the layout of layers. Up to 128 presets are supported to satisfy different requirements.High-resolution images can be captured from live inputs and outputs and used as BKG. In addition, the N20 comes with advanced DSK capability including luma key and chroma key and allows for free conversion between SDR, HDR10 and HLG.

Longer Transmission Distance

10G optical fiber ports are provided for copying HDMI 2.0 output, allowing the N20 and P10 to transmit signals to the VX1000 or VX600 LED controller from NovaStar over a long distance (up to 10 km with SMF) without fiber converters. This method not only ensures the signal stability but also lowers the transmission cost, making the N20 and N10 ideal for long-distance signal transmission.

Flexible Control Options

In addition to superior performances and outstanding visual experience, the N20 and N10 are exceptionally easy to operate. Various control options are available.
• Full-featured front panel buttons and 5-inch graphical LCD
• Versatile event controller C5/C5 Pro
• All-new event management software PixelFlow

Superb Stability & Reliability

The N20 and N10 are created for applications requiring the highest stability and uptime. Different backup methods are supported, including input source backup,automatic output backup and device backup. Once the primary input source is not stable or disappears, it will be switched to the backup source seamlessly. When the primary device fails, the backup device will take over the work immediately to ensure uninterrupted operation. Seamless switching from the primary to backup device or connector with no downtime makes the products highly reliable and worry-free.
What's more, the products have passed a series of rigorous drop tests, shock & vibration tests and thermal tests, ensuring the products can survive in any kind of road trip or event environment.

Novastar N20 N10 4K Presentation Switcher Appearance
Pixelhue P20 P10 4K Presentation Switcher Appearance
Novastar N20 N10 4K Presentation Switcher Working Diagram
Pixelhue P20 P10 4K Presentation Switcher Working Diagram

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