Novastar XC Series LED Receiving Card XC160 Plus XC190 LED Mini Receiving Card DDR2

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Novastar XC Series LED Receiving Card

The XC190/XC160 Plus is a high-end small receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single XC190 supports resolutions up to 512×512@60Hz/512×384@60Hz. Supporting various functions such as Image Booster, pixel level brightness and chroma calibration, quick adjustment of dark or bright lines, low latency, 3D, individual gamma adjustment for RGB, image rotation in 90° increments, image rotation at any angle, and HDR, the XC190/XC160 Plus can significantly improve the display effect and user experience. 

The XC190/XC160 Plus  comes with DDR2 connectors for communication, resulting in good compatibility. It supports up to 32 groups of parallel RGB data or 64 groups of serial data (expandable to 128 groups of serial data), and is suitable for various on-site setups. 
Novastar XC Series LED Receiving Card XC160 Plus XC190 LED Mini DDR2 Receiving Card

Improvements to Display Effect

 Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
Work with NovaStar’s high-precision calibration system to calibrate the brightness and chroma of each pixel, effectively removing brightness differences and chroma differences, and enabling high brightness consistency and chroma consistency.
 Quick adjustment of dark or bright lines
The dark or bright lines caused by splicing of modules or cabinets can be adjusted to improve the visual experience. The adjustment can be easily made and takes effect immediately.
 3D function
Working with the sending card that supports 3D function, the receiving card supports 3D output.
 Individual gamma adjustment for RGB
Working with NovaLCT (V5.2.0 or later) and the sending card that supports this function, the receiving card supports individual adjustment of red gamma, green gamma and blue gamma,
which can effectively control image nonuniformity under low grayscale and white
balance offset, allowing for a more realistic image.
 Image rotation in 90° increments
The display image can be set to rotate in multiples of 90° (0°/90°/180°/270°).

Improvements to Maintainability

 Smart module (dedicated firmware required)
Working with the smart module, the receiving card supports module ID management, storage
of calibration coefficients and module parameters, monitoring of module temperature,
voltage and flat cable communication status,LED error detection, and recording of the
module run time.
 Automatic module calibration
After a new module with flash memory is installed to replace the old one, the calibration coefficients stored in the memory can be automatically uploaded to the receiving card when it is powered on.

Quick uploading of calibration coefficients
The calibration coefficients can be quickly uploaded to the receiving card, improving efficiency greatly.
 Module Flash management
For modules with flash memory, the information stored in the memory can be managed. The calibration coefficients and module ID can be stored and read back.
 One click to apply calibration coefficients stored in module Flash
For modules with flash memory, if the Ethernet cable is disconnected, users can hold down the self-test button on the cabinet to upload the calibration coefficients in the memory of the module to the receiving card.

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