Novastar VICP Solution Visualization Intelligence Broadcast Control One-Stop Platform

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Novastar VICP (Visual Intelligent Control Platform)

Visual Intelligent Control Platform (VICP) is a lightweight and easy-to-operate app for the control of screen displays, environmental peripherals, media resources, PTZs and audios, as well as information publishing within a local area network.
VICP Star River Visualization Intelligent Control Platform is a flat-panel application software designed and developed by Novastar for the integrated application scenarios of multimedia, audio and video and environmental control in engineering solid installation showrooms, conference rooms, meeting centers, media centers, command and control centers and smart city data centers.
VICP can unify the management and control of large-screen splicing display system, audio system, and peripheral environment system, such as switching access signal, switching different scenes, adjusting brightness of large screen, viewing system topology, controlling web camera, managing pre-program, managing media service, and controlling lighting, curtain, large screen, TV, audio, etc. At the same time, it can also realize full visual operation, what you see is what you get, and improve the accuracy and relevance of site control. Good interface design and interaction design simplify the operation and provide users with a more intelligent and efficient control environment.

Full-link visualization application solution
Overcome the pain and difficulty of user's field operation, provide good, easy-to-use and everyone can use the platform software

One-stop centralized control and rapid productivity improvement
Galaxy visualization integrated management platform: Only one platform software can meet the unified access and centralized management of a large number of subsystems such as large screen display, audio and video processing, environment control, etc., truly simplifying the operation of end users and reducing the complexity of use to achieve one-stop centralized control of equipment in all scenes of the whole link.

Full visualization operation, what you see is what you get
Visualization of large screen: real-time visualization of large screen layout and display content Mastering the display status of signal sources, making control more flexible and accurate

Full-scene visualization of system topology, audio control and environment control to meet the WYSIWYG operation experience

Panoramic view of the full link topology presents rapid fault location

Intelligent pre-programming of the whole process to create an efficient ecosystem

Novastar VICP Working DiagramNovastar Visual Intelligent Control Platform

Further Information:
Novastar Visual Intelligent Control Platform User Manual