Novastar Thunderview TR100 Receiving Card LED Controller Low Latency System Solution

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The TR100 is a new generation of receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single TR100 loads up to 384x384 pixels.
The TR100 supports 1.0/2.3 (SAA) coaxial connectors, ensuring more reliable system connection and data transmission. Benefiting from the SerDes technology, the TR100 also features lower latency. What's more, the TR100 supports 18Bit+ grayscale output. It can effectively avoid grayscale loss caused by brightness reduction on LED display and make the display smoother.
Novastar Thunderview Low Latency System Solution
*For the sake of easy understanding, the Novastar Thunderview Low Latency System Solution icon is included. For the entire system, please purchase the Novastar V1 LED Video Processor and the Novastar S1 LED Controller .

Smaller size, design for fine-pitch LED display. Highly improving the image quality of LED display using new technologies 18bit+, mapping and so on developed by Nova. Positive Locking 1.0 / 2.3 connector and smart hardware auto-backup solution make the system more stable and reliable.
  • Support 32-group of RGB data output per single card
  • Support 384×384 resolution per single card
  • Support configuration file reading back
  • Support smart module with the functions of storing and managing information like calibration coefficients, module information, module parameters etc. as well asflat cable detection and LED pixel-by-pixel error detection without monitoring card
  • Support module Flash management and allows for storage of calibration coefficients and module information
  • Support various hot backups such as hardware backup, dual card backup, dual power backup etc. and seamless switching
  • Support low latency feature
  • Support voltage and temperature detection
  • Support Clear view, 18bit + grey-level output
  • Support pixel-level calibration
  • Support pre-store picture setting for the receiving card
  • Support dual backup of display parameters
  • Able to apply module Flash calibration coefficients through one click
  • Support LCD Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Support Mapping which will display the serial number and port number of the current cabinet
  • Support dual backup of calibration coefficients
  • Support backup and read back of the firmware program
  • With specific EMC design to effectively reduce electromagnetic radiation

Input voltage:3.8V~5.5V
Rated voltage:5.0V
Rated current:1.0A
Rated power consumption:5.0W
Operating ambient temperature:-20°C~70°C
Operating ambient Humidity:0%RH~95%RH,non-condensing.
Dimension(L x W):85.5mm×45.0mm×17.4mm
Net weight:67.5g
Certifications:EMC RoHS
Packing:The antistatic bag and anti-collision foam are prepared for each receiving card.
Dimension of the packing box: 378mm×190mm×120mm, each of 30 receiving cards.

Novastar Thunderview TR100 LED Receiving Card Appearance
Novastar Thunderview TR100 Receiving Card
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