Novastar MG Series Distributed System Distributed Processing Server LED Controller

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Novastar MG Series Distributed System

MG series distributed system is a distributed image processing and control system based on networking, nodal and digitalization. Through encoding nodes, multiple scattered audio and video signal sources are collected and transcoded into IP network data streams, and the corresponding information is displayed on display devices through decoding nodes to realize audio and video network sharing.
MG series distributed system adopts H.264/H.265 as transmission protocol, with small network bandwidth occupation, which can provide users with low latency and lossless audio and video experience, and break the limitation of traditional centralized deployment mode, suitable for decentralized deployment of audio and video interconnection applications across floors, regions and networks.
MG series distributed system integrates audio and video long-distance digital transmission, signal switching, KVM seat management and large-screen management, and with distributed visualization management system and distributed seat collaboration system, it can be widely used in joint command center, large conference communication center, monitoring center, data center, production scheduling center and other visualization application scenarios.
  • Low latency, high image quality
Adopting NOVA's high-performance image processing technology, it features low bandwidth, low latency, high clarity, and high stability. Support H.264, H.265 video encoding, professional color sampling, processing and transmission of up to 4K×2K@60Hz 4:4:4. High video transmission quality, to achieve distortion-free picture transmission, maintain the original color saturation, and system latency as low as 50ms, what you see is what you get.

  • Multi-output node splicing, output screen accurate synchronization
MG series output nodes use unique synchronization technology to achieve full synchronization of all output nodes, which fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon of multiple output nodes splicing images out of sync, or tearing when playing high dynamic images.

  • KVM control, cross-platform roaming
It supports KVM seat management functions, mouse roaming between multiple screens, full mouse operation, cross-window sliding and cross-monitor roaming of the mouse cursor, and simultaneous preview of multiple signal sources. It also supports controlling multiple hosts at the terminal node with a set of keys and mice, and has cross-platform operation functions, including Windows, Linux, Mac and other system platforms.

  • Signal pushing and grabbing, multi-person collaboration
MG distributed system supports signal pushing between seats or between seats and big screen, which can push the problem or screen that needs to be decided to others or big screen, so that multiple parties can collaborate to make timely decisions and deal with problems efficiently. With permission, it can grab information from any monitor or big screen to local monitor and take over the signal source quickly.

  • Web control, easy operation and maintenance
The management system supports Web configuration management, providing users with simple and quick operation, cross terminal operation, device management, fine division of authority, input and output EDID management of coding and decoding nodes, large screen management, device batch upgrade and log management functions.

Discrete deployment, unified management
Multiple signal nodes scattered in space are quickly connected to the system, and the signal data from each scattered location are unifiedly deployed and controlled and managed.

Massive access, unlimited expansion
Full network IP architecture, can rely on the rapid extension of the network to increase the system nodes, each node only needs to configure IP access to the network.

Hierarchical authority and security management
Role-based multi-user authority hierarchy management, administrators can configure different permissions for users to achieve the most detailed division of operating authority, which is convenient for different levels and different personnel to carry out different operations, greatly improving efficiency and security.

Novastar MG Series Distributed System Appearance
Novastar MG Series Distributed System
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Novastar MG Series Distributed System

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