Novastar Lora Module E32-433T30D-NW for Taurus Series wireless control LED Multimedia Player TB30 TB60

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The NovaStar Lora RF module enables you to synchronize multiple Taurus units by RF signal so content transition on different screens or Taurus players will be perfectly synchronized.
When using the LORA RF module Taurus units are synchronized by RF signal, compared to NTP synchronisation no further (4G) network connection is required.
Depending of the environmental interference the transmitting range of the RF module is up to 8 Km in open space.
The RF module can be used for all Taurus series multimedia players, the required RF antenna is included. The compact module is plug and play, no further drivers are required.

>LORA RF modul
>RF module for synchronisation of multiple Taurus unit
>External antenna included