Novastar LED Display Accessories Multifunction Card MFN300

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Nova M3 MFN300 is a multifunction card with a variety of auxiliary functions.

Multifunction Card MFN300 Description:
  • 8 power switch management.

  • 4 light sensor / ambient temperature sensor interface.

  • Auto power control of fan / air condition / LED display based temperature.

  • Audio output integrated.

  • Certification: CE, RoHS.

1) RS232 serial or Gigabit Ethernet port communication; 
2) Ethernet port connection between two receiving cards or at the end; 
3) Timer function which is able to replace timer and delayer; 
4) Temperature detection of power distribution box; 
5) Humidity detection of power distribution box; 
6) Audio output; 
7) 4-way light sensor connection to achieve automatic brightness adjustment; 
8) Temperature module connection;
9) 8-way power switch control.

Multifunction Card Appearance
Multifunction Card MFN300
LED Sending Card Working Diagram

● Connect function card to computer directly by RS232 serial cable.
Multifunction Card MFN300 sc 1
● Connect function card between sending card (or independent controller) and the first receiving card.
Multifunction Card MFN300 sc 2
● Connect function card between any two receiving cards.
Multifunction Card MFN300 sc 3
● Connect function card to the last receiving card.
Multifunction Card MFN300 sc 4