Novastar LED Display Accessories Ambient Brightness Sensor NS060-5A/10A/30A/100A

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Nova new upgrade outdoor waterproof light sensor. Work with Nova MFN300 and MFN300-B Multi-function Card, enable LED Display screen or LED Sign auto brightness adjustment accord to ambient luminance. It also reduce energy consumption and light pollution. 

Ambient Brightness Sensor NS060-5A Description:
  • Ambient brightness detect(photo eye control system), 
    256 levels of auto brightness adjustment.

  • Sending card (MSD300, MCTRL300, MCTRL600), PSD100 or multi-function card (MFN300) supported. 

  • 5m standard cable, 100meters extend. 

  • Waterproof.

  • Certification: CE, RoHS.

NS060 is light sensor. It has the following characteristics:  
1、 Monitor the ambient brightness to achieve automatic brightness adjustment of LED display;  
2、Connected to sending card(MSD300/600, MCTRL300/610), Asynchronous  
3、 card(PBOX100/110/150......)or function card MFN300;  
4、 5-meter standard cable, can be extended to 100 meters;  
5、Outdoor use proofing;  
6、No external power supply required.