NovaStar K16 2-in-1 4K LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

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NovaStar K16 2-in-1 4K LED Video Processor LED Display ControllerK16 is Novastar's latest All-in-One product. It integrates video processing, video control and LED screen configuration functions. It has multiple types of video signal reception capabilities and ultra-high-definition full 4K×2K@60Hz. Image processing capabilities and sending capabilities.
K16 is controlled by the intelligent management software V-Can, which can achieve rich picture splicing effects and convenient and fast operation.
K16 can send the processed video to the LED display through the network port and optical fiber port. K16 has powerful video processing and sending capabilities and is widely used in various application scenarios such as stages, conferences, events, exhibitions and other high-end rental and small-pitch displays.
Important Note: NovaStar K16 only has Chinese version and CCC certification. People who have difficulty in using it or have doubts about certification should buy the popular version NovaPro UHD Jr.

NovaStar K16 LED Videp Processor Features:

  • Complete input interface
    − 1×DP 1.2
    − 1×HDMI 2.0
    − 4×DVI
    OPT1 and OPT2 optical port input
  • Multiple outputs, large load
    Supports 16 network ports and 2 optical fiber (OPT3 and OPT4) transmission outputs, carrying up to 10.4 million pixels.
  • Support 3D
    Supports LED screen for 3D display. After enabling 3D, the device output load is halved.
  • Supports 3 window display
    Supports 1 main window and 2 PIP windows (PIP1 and PIP2), and the priority of window display can be set.
  • DVI input source splicing
    It can support up to 4 DVI input sources to be spliced into one DVI MOSAIC input source.
  • OPT optical fiber input splicing
    The input sources connected to the OPT1 and OPT2 optical ports can be used individually or spliced into an OPT MOSAIC input source.
  • Support HDR output
    Cooperating with the A8s/A10s Plus receiving card can greatly enhance the picture quality of the display, making the picture colors more realistic and vivid, and the details clearer.
  • Input supports decimal frame rates
    Supported decimal frame rates are: 23.98, 29.97, 47.95, 59.94, 71.93 and 119.88.
  • Various BKG settings
    Solid color or picture can be customized.
  • Support screen capture function
    Capture the current playback screen of the input source and use it as a BKG image.
  • Support personalized screen zoom
    Supports three screen zoom modes, including point-to-point mode, full-screen zoom, and custom zoom.
  • Splicing and loading
    When connected through a video splitter, it can support splicing of up to 4 devices to achieve a large display screen.
  • Support scene presets
    Up to 10 user scenarios can be created and saved as templates, which can be called directly for easy use.
  • EDID management
    Supports user-defined EDID and preset EDID.
  • Two working modes
    − Photoelectric conversion mode.
    − Video controller mode.
    Supports two optical port inputs and two optical port outputs.
  • Support input source hot backup
  • Support network port backup effectiveness test
    You can test whether the pre-stored images, backup network ports or devices are effective without plugging or unplugging network cables.
    *Please contact technical support to obtain the receiving card model that supports this function.
  • Supports operation control through intelligent control software V-Can
    Note: The currently released V-Can (version 3.5.0 and below) does not support the V1.2.x.x version of the K16.

NovaStar K16 LED Video Processor Specifications

NovaStar K16 2-in-1 4K LED Video Processor LED Display Controller
Power connector:AC 100 V–240 V 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature:-10°C–60°C
Storage temperature:-30°C-70°C
Operating humidity:10%RH-90%RH
Dimensions:3U standard chassis 482.6 ×373.0 ×94.6 (mm)
Max power consumption:70 W
Weight:6.2 kg
Total Weight:18kg(includes flight case)

NovaStar K16 LED Video Processor Diagram
NovaStar K16 2-in-1 4K LED Video Processor LED Display Controller

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