Novastar G4000 G4000 Plus G Series 8K LED Display Screen Video Multimedia Server

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G Series Multimedia Server

G series G4000/G4000 Plus multimedia server is an integrated broadcast control server designed by NOVA Technology for multimedia exhibition halls, banquet halls and other fixed installation applications in the multimedia field. It not only has high quality point-to-point display with large resolution, but also can realize various forms of creative splicing display; it has the media arrangement function for professional choreography performance, and at the same time provides users with convenient stage management and visual human-computer interaction. It can serve well for performing arts, exhibition and various creative display applications.
  • Ultra HD resolution, point-to-point output
G series multimedia server can support up to 7 channels of 4K2K output on a single machine, which can easily complete the point-to-point splicing display output of 8Kx4K@60Hz pixels.
It is equipped with a powerful graphics rendering engine and advanced multi-output synchronization technology, which can effectively eliminate image tearing and lagging, a common phenomenon in large resolution splicing displays.Novastar G4000 G4000 Plus G Series 8K LED Display Screen Video Multimedia Server
  • Creative splicing display, dynamic visual field
G series multimedia server supports splitting and reorganization of multiple display ports and rotation, which can easily complete the loading of irregular display and realize creative splicing display.
  • Compatible with 3D LED display, immersive experience
G series multimedia server supports 120Hz splicing output, compatible with the current mainstream 3D LED display control system, can drive large resolution 3D LED display, output smooth and high-quality display screen.
  • Arbitrary multi-layer display, creative at will
G series multimedia server allows users to display multiple layers (up to 8 layers) on the screen at the same time, and users can arrange, overlay and rotate the layers arbitrarily to complete the scene construction.
  • Broadcast-level effects switching, smooth and free
For multiple programs of any layer, G series multimedia server will present broadcast-level switching effects when switching, which can realize seamless direct cutting and fade-in and fade-out effects.
  • Super resolution hardware decoding, the strength of the show
G series multimedia server makes full use of the hardware decoding and hardware rendering technology of professional graphics display card, which can easily complete the decoding of 8K×4K ultra-high definition video, and also can support the smooth playback of multiple 4K×2K video materials at the same time to realize the point-to-point display of oversized LED display.Novastar G4000 G4000 Plus G Series 8K LED Display Screen Video Multimedia Server
  • Easy-to-use visual programming system
G series multimedia server provides users with a powerful visual programming system, users can drag and drop materials in the stage area or program list, and real-time preview playback. It also provides users with free program management functions to meet the requirements of various unattended broadcasting, which can jump arbitrarily, loop, jump to the main KV, and jump to the specified main timing layer.
  • Flexible pre-programming mode, self-control
G series multimedia server's visual programming and broadcasting system realizes the separation of programming and broadcasting, supporting users to program in the playback, without affecting the playing effect of the output. without affecting the playback effect of the ongoing output.

G4000/G4000 Plus Multimedia Server Parameter

Electrical specifications
Power supply interface: 180-240V~50/60Hz
Power consumption: 100 W/160W

Operating environment
Temperature: 0℃~+45℃

Storage environment
Humidity:0%RH~95%RH, non-condensing

Physical specifications
Size: 450mm × 428mm × 178mm
Net weight: 12.5 kg/14kg

Packaging information
Box: 690mm × 570mm × 300mm
Accessories: G4000 1×power cable, 3×DP cable, 1×DP to HDMI cable
                    G4000 Plus 1×power cable, 4×DP cable, 1×DP to HDMI cable

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