Novastar D12 Video Console Seamless Video Switcher(Call for price)

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The D12 is a HDCP-compliant seamless switch developed by Novartis, with a modular design and a choice of 8 input daughtercards (32 input interfaces) and 6 output daughtercards (24 output interfaces) to configure a variety of inputs and outputs, including DVI/DP/HDMI/3G SDI interfaces, and powerful image processing capabilities to support 4K HD video transmission. 
The single D12 can provide 6 output daughtercards with up to 4K x 2K @ 60Hz each, with the last output daughtercard being 2 AUX, 1 MVR and 1 replay; the single D12 can support up to 20 main outputs with up to 40KK load capacity; the single D12 can support up to 40 Single-link hybrid layers. 
The D12 can be used with the intelligent management software Arpa and C3 consoles for input and output settings, screen splicing, screen configuration and layer settings and other playback screen management, to achieve rich picture effects, more fully meet the needs of users. 
The D12 provides 72 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation and is widely used in theatrical performances, high-end car shows, business conferences, TV programs, product launches and large exhibitions. 

  • Product Type : Video Switchboard
  • Support Zoom : Support
  • Support Splicing : Support
  • Number of layers: 40
  • Source Switching Effects: Support
  • Custom EDID: Support
  • Max. output resolution: 40KK max. full, 4096×2160@60Hz max. single card
  • Video input interface: DVI-D×4, HDMI1.3×4, DP1.1×4, DP1.2×1, HDMI2.0×1
  • Support ring out : Support
  • Control method : Software, C3
  • BKG Crawl: Support

Modular, plug-in design with a single unit supporting up to 32 inputs and 24 outputs. 
Supports up to 40 Single-link blends, with adjustable layer positions and sizes, and the ability to add borders and set the width and color of borders. 
Supports 3 types of input source EDID settings. 
- Preset EDID. 
- Custom EDID. 
- Advanced Settings EDID, sets the timing parameters of the video source. 
The maximum output of a single output daughtercard can be up to 3840×2160@60Hz. 
Each layer supports brightness, hue adjustment, saturation and layer transparency adjustment. 
Supports input source capture and storage as a BKG file. 
Support BKG settings, images from local images and input source capture. 
128 user scenarios are supported, giving users the flexibility to recall and save scenarios. 
PVW to LED display up-screen effect switching for professional quality presentation. 
- Take: Supports 13 effects and can set switching speed. 
- T-bar: manually control the "fade in and fade out" effect switching speed. 
Straight Cut: Switch the PVW screen to the LED display without effects. 
Synchronous splicing of up to 20 output interfaces is supported. 
Supports pre-supervision of all input sources, PVW and PGM screens. 
Supports 2 AUX, 1 MVR and 1 replay. 
Support Genlock video source synchronization function, any input source can be selected as the synchronization signal, to achieve the synchronization of frames between the device screens. 
Support the board operating status and key chip temperature monitoring functions. 
Support dual power backup to improve the stability of the system. 

NovaStar D12 Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Power supply interface: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption (full): 450 W 

working environment
Temperature: 0℃~45℃
Humidity: 0%RH~80%RH, non-condensing 

storage environment
Temperature: -10℃~60℃
Humidity: 0%RH~95%RH, non-condensing 

Physical Specifications
Noise level: 57dB(A)
Size: 482.6mm×396.5mm×139.0mm
Net weight: 25kg
Total weight: 48kg 

Packaging Information
Aviation case: 523.0mm×289.0mm×730.0mm
Accessories: European standard power cable x 2, RJ45-RJ45 network cable x 1, DVI cable x 1, HDMI cable x 1, DP cable x 1
Quick guide x 1, packing list x 1, letter to user x 1, safety manual x 1