Novastar B Series LED Receiving Card B875 B832 High End LED Mini Receiving Card

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Novastar B875/B832 LED Receiving Card

The B875/B832 is a receiving card developed by Xi’an NovaStar Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NovaStar). It isdesigned for fine-pitch LED displays and features a large load capacity. A single B875/B832 supports resolutions up to 512×512@60Hz. Supporting various functions such as Color Management, 18bit+, pixel level brightness and chroma
calibration, quick adjustment of dark or bright lines, 3D, individual gamma adjustment for RGB, and image rotation in 90° increments, the B875/B832 can significantly improve the display effect and user experience.
The B875 uses eight HUB75E(B832 uses HUB320) connectors for communication, resulting in high stability. It supports up to 16 groups of parallel RGB data. (The B832 supports up to 32 groups of parallel RGB data or 64 groups of serial data.)
Thanks to its EMC compliant hardware design, the B875/B832 has improved electromagnetic compatibility and is suitable for various on-site setups.
  • Improvements to Display Effect
 Color Management
 18bit+
 Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
 Quick adjustment of dark or bright lines
 3D function
 Individual gamma adjustment for RGB
 Image rotation in 90° increments
  • Improvements to Maintainability
 Quick uploading of calibration coefficients
 Mapping function
 Setting of a pre-stored image in receiving card
 Temperature and voltage monitoring
 Cabinet LCD
 Bit error detection
 Firmware program readback
 Configuration parameter readback
  • Improvements to Reliability
 Loop backup
 Dual backup of configuration parameters
 Dual program backup

Novastar B875/B832 LED Receiving Card Appearance
Novastar B875/B832 LED Receiving Card Appearance
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