Novastar B Series LED Receiving Card B5s B6s High End LED Mini Receiving Card

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Novastar B5s B6s LED Receiving Card

Novastar B4s / B6s is a high-end receiving card with a mini size and a large load. One B4s single card can run 32 x1024 pixels.
Support point-by-point brightness and chromaticity correction. Effectively eliminate chromatic aberration, significantly improve the consistency of the screen display, and bring more detail to users Tired picture.
Supports LED display screens such as film screens, glass screens, etc., with a smaller using space and easier installation.
The hardware design and software design of B4S fully consider the user deployment, operation and maintenance scenarios, making deployment easier, operation more stable, and maintenance more efficient.
Advanced hardware design:
• Use small size and thickness to save space for the narrow box space and lamp spacing.
• Adopt high-density connector interface, dustproof and shockproof, with high stability and high reliability.
• Integrate network transformer, simplify design, improve electromagnetic compatibility, and help users' products to pass EMC certification smoothly.

Novastar B5s/B6s LED Receiving Card Appearance

Novastar B5s B6s LED Receiving Card

Novastar B5s B6s LED Receiving Card Specifications

Novastar B5s B6s LED Receiving Card

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