NovaPro UHD All-in-one LED Controller For LED Displays Video Processor

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NovaPro UHD is a new all-in-one controller developed by Nova. By integrating video processing, video control and LED screen configuration functions into one controller, this product is capable of receiving a variety of video signals, processing and sending images of resolutions up to ultra HD 4K×2K@60Hz.
NovaPro UHD is equipped with industry-standard 4K connectors, and has some added new functions such as video rotation processing and video transition effects. With the built-in Master VI smart platform, the NovaPro UHD supports layer creation, property settings, and screen configuration via simple mouse, keyboard, and monitor operations.
NovaPro UHD supports sending of processed video to LED display through Neutrik Ethernet port or fiber optical connectors. With powerful video processing and sending capabilities, this product is well suited for high-end rental applications, stage control systems, and fine-pitch LED displays.
  •  A variety of input connectors: 4 × 12G-SDI connectors with loop output functions, 1 × HDMI 2.0 with loop output functions, 1 × DP 1.2, and 1 × USB playback port
  •  1 × replaceable input card with four connectors,The input card can be SDI, DVI, HDMI or VGA.
  •  8 × layers, 1 × OSD and 1 × LOGO, and BKG
  •  2 × layers up to 4K×2K, 6 × layers up to 2K×1K,Layers can be scaled.
  •  4K×2K OSD, cropping, transparency adjustment, dynamic/static images and texts supported OSD can be placed at any position.
  •  Layer transparency adjustment, irregular layers, Watermark Layer,and layer overlapping and layer flipping supported
  •  Layer priority adjustment by z-order
  •  Up to 8K display width or height of a single device
  •  Playback of programs stored in USB drive
  •  MultiViewer monitoring settings, including monitoring of input sources, PVW, PGM, or mixed preview
  •  Sending the preview content to a monitor through wired network
  •  16 × Neutrik Ethernet outputs, 4 × 10G fiber optical outputs with copy and hot backup modes
  •  Quick and advanced screen configurations
  •  With the built-in smart platform Master VI, LED screen configuration, layer configuration and video playback can be easily performed via the connected mouse, keyboard and monitor.
  •  10-bit processing of the input source
  •  HDR function to make images finer and smoother
  •  Powerful image processing capability to realize low latency from input to output
  •  3D sending card function supported with an external emitter
  •  Remote data transmission via a Gigabit Ethernet port or fiber optical connector 

NovaStar NovaPro UHD Features:
NovaPro UHD All-in-one Video Controller

4K + HDR

Outstanding Image
NovaPro UHD All-in-one Controller For 4K Solution LED Walls Video ProcessorNovaPro UHD All-in-one Controller For 4K Solution LED Walls Video ProcessorSupport HDR10 with A8s or A10s receiving card*

Fast And Efficient,Designed With Simplicity in Mind

Features Master VI advanced operating software, supports LED screen configuration, Layout setting and External media play.
Supports variety of 4K inputs and outputs. Features modulized design can leed to flexible I/O options (DVI, DP, HDMI, etc.)

Maximum Flexibility,for Total Creativity

4 RJ45 ports each allow for rotation, allowing you to excite viewers.
Supports two 4K × 2K, two 1080P, OSD, LOGO, BKG, and irregular layers.
Supports multiple seamless switching effects, ensuring more dynamic result.

Multiple Safeguards,Ensuring StabilityNovaPro UHD All-in-one Controller For 4K Solution LED Walls Video Processor

Breaking Barriers With Outstanding Features

  • Supports USB playback
  • Genlock
  • Supports 12 bit depths
  • Support deinterlacing

NovaStar NovaPro UHD Specifications
Power connector:AC 100V–240V 50/60Hz *2pcs
                                Dual power supply design
Power consumption:180 W
Operating temperature:0°C–45°C
Storage temperature:-20°C–70°C
Operating humidify:0% RH–80% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions:4U standard chassis
Weight:19.5 kg

NovaStar NovaPro UHD Working Diagram
NovaPro UHD All-in-one Video Controller
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