Magnimage MIG-ES6000 Series Video Seamless Switcher

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MIG-V6 is the latest Magnimage high performance video switcher, using a large storage high speed FPGA and hardware structure with high speed digital bus matrix, which adopt RBG 24bits/60Hz processing inside.
Built-in a high performance zoom core, MIG-V6 supports Multiple screens output seamless splicing, makes output signal clearer, delicate, colorful and ensures the output signal synchronous and no latency. It adopts mixed matrix input, various 4k, 2k input customized module options, supports 4Kx2K/60Hz 4:4:4 input and real-time preview to the input and output signal.
Cooperates with consoles like MIG-HS, MIG-V6, it can realize fade-in/out switching among multiple layers and scenes, it was widely used in car exhibition, business conference and stage show, etc.

Functions and features:

MIG-V6 Series Video Seamless SwitcherMIG-V6 Series Video Seamless SwitcherMIG-V6 Series Video Seamless Switcher

  • Input ports
The 6 input slots allow you to build the machine based on your application. 2K options include DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI and VGA/SDI mixed card. 4K options include DP card and DP/HDMI mixed card.MIG-V6 Series Video Seamless Switcher
  • Output portsMIG-V6 Series Video Seamless Switcher
  • V6 cooperates with softwareMIG-V6 Series Video Seamless Switcher
  • V6 cooperates with H6MIG-V6 Series Video Seamless Switcher
  • V6 projection blending mosaic
Each output port's blending size, position, blending direction, gamma rate can be setup separately,it's applicable for both program output and aux output;each V6 supports maximum 8 projectors for blending mosaic.MIG-V6 Series Video Seamless Switcher

Power supply:100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption:620W
Product dimensions:482.6X 371.5 X 177.0mm


User manual X 1   Power cable X 2   DVI  cable X 2   USB disk X 1   Quality certificate X 1   HDMI cable X 1    DP cable X 1  LAN cable X 2