Magnimage Cyclone Series LED Video Wall Controller MIG-CL9600 LED Video Splicer(Call for price)

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MIG-CL9600 Cyclone Chassis Video Wall Controller

MIG-CL9600 series is the latest pure hardware video wall controller from Magnimage. With a high-performance scaling engine, it is able to build up screens of multi-layers and pixel to pixel seamless mosaic. Based on advanced FPGA array and high speed digital bus-matrix, its RGB 24biU60Hz processing capacity will perfectly output any video or image at very low latency. It is designed for security monitoring, administrative management, command, exhibition,research & education office, and multimedia conference.
On the input part,you can customize the machine with different input options from DVI, HDMI, SDI, DP, and IP camera. It supports 4KX2K / 60Hz input and EDID management.
On the output part, it supports customized output resolution, up to 12 layers per output channel, layer roaming, mosaic of different screen pixel pitch, background saving. These functions make MIG-CL9600 a great solution for big fixed installation of LCD/CLP/LED/projector mosaic.

MIG-CL9600 Panel Presentation
MIG-CL9600 Video Wall Controller front
①LCD Screen  ②Function Keys  ③Menu Operating Area
MIG-CL9600 LED Video Wall Controller Back
①DVI Outputs ②DVl Inputs ③VGA Inputs ④HDMl Inputs
⑤HDMl2.0、DP1.2 Inputs ⑥DP1.1 Inputs ⑦SDI Inputs
⑧IP Monitoring ⑨Frame Synchronization for Input/Output
⑩RS 232 Control Port ⑪USB Upgrade Port ⑫Network Control Port

  • 4K×2K 4:4:4
MIG-CL9600 video wall controller has 2 kinds of 4K input port: HDMI and DP, each of them support 4K*2K/60 Hz input, the picture/video will be higher definition, much more real color.MIG-CL9600 Video Wall Controller 4Kx2K
  • Seamless Mosaic & Splitting for High Resolution LED Screen
Connect the machine’s output to sending cards, with customized output resolution function, easily to display a super large resolution to LED screen. Single MIG-CL9604 support up to 24 screens of splicing, perfect sync, same frame, without tear. DP, HDMI input support 4K*2K@60 Hz, pixel to pixel high resolution display easilyMIG-CL9600 Video Wall Controller 24 screen
  • No Frame Loss
Using MIG-CL9600 video wall controller, 60 full frames play smoothly.MIG-CL9600 LED Video Wall Controller
  • No Image Tearing
The output effect of MIG-CL9600 when playing the some videoMIG-CL9600 LED Video Wall Controller
  • Real Time IP Monitoring
Connect the machine Ethernet port, LAN port and upper computer into the same LAN(router), then all input and output source’s pictures can be real time monitored, in the controlling software.MIG-CL9600 LED Video Wall Controller
  • Standard Module Design
It is module designed for both input and output,You can choose the configuration according to your demands.
  • 6 Independent Layer Output from 1 DVI
Single DVI output port support 6 independent layers and 1 background HD picture at the same time; the layer’s size, position, top or bottom can be customized; inbuilt input video matrix,any source can be displayed at any layer MIG-CL9600 LED Video Wall Controller
  • Edge Blending Mosaic for Projectors
Single machine support up to 24 projectors working together; with projector edge blending splicing function, the blending area’s size, position and transparency can be customized.MIG-CL9600 LED Video Wall Controller

Chassis specification

Chasis 4U 8U 14U 19U
Input channels 24 48 72 148
Output channels 24 36 72 72
Power voltage 110~240V
Power frequency 50/60Hz
Operation temperature 0~45℃
Chasis N.W.(KG) 11.0 0.0 41.0 41.0
Overall power consumption(W) 650 1200 1900 2500
Dimension(mm) 482.6×371×177 482.6×355×430.5 482.6×570×645 482.6×570×880

Input card

Input card type Port type Port quantity Resolution
VGA RGBHV 4 1920×1080/60Hz
DVI DVI-D 4 1920×1080/60Hz& EDID management
HDMI HDMI1.3 4 1920×1080/60Hz
2SDI+2VGA 3G SDI,RGBHV 4 1920×1080/60Hz
HDMI(4K) HDMI2.0 1 3840×2160/60Hz& EDID management
SDI 3G SDI 4 1080i/60Hz,1080P/60Hz
DP DP1.1 2 3840×2160/30Hz
DP(4K) DP1.2 1 3840×2160/60Hz& EDID management
IP H.264 2 1920×1080/60Hz
2SDI+2DVI 3G SDI,DVI-D 2×2 1920×1080/60Hz

Output card

Output card type Port type Port quantity Resolution
DVI DVI-D(4 layers) 4 1920×1080/60Hz,2560×816/60Hz,1440×1440/60Hz& EDID management
DVI DVI-D(6 layers) 4 1920×1080/60Hz,2560×816/60Hz,1440×1440/60Hz& EDID management
DVI DVI-D(12 layers) 2×2 1920×1080/60Hz,2560×816/60Hz,1440×1440/60Hz& EDID management
SDI 3G SDI(6 layers) 4 1080i/60Hz,1080P/60Hz
IP H.264 1 IP Monitoring

Product Acessories

Power Cable×2 DVICable×1 HDMICable×1
DPCable×1 cable USB Disk×1
Instruction Manual×1 Certification×1

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