Magnimage Cyclone Series LED Video Wall Controller MIG-CL9400 LED Video Splicer

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MIG-CL9400 Cyclone Chassis Video Wall Controller

As a powerful video splicing machine, MIG-CL9400 is the CPU of the big screen mosaic system. It supports multiple input signals, splice, zoom, open windows, overlay, roam at different kinds of screens. The hardware build-ups are based on advanced FPGA array and high speed digital bus-matrix. As for all kinds of input signal, it is able to recover the original one by its RGB 24bits/60 Hz internal processor. At the same time, its prominent image scaling engine ensures clear seamless splicing without delay.
Deeply modular design, support VGA DVI SDI IP HDMl(2K/4K) DP(4K) input signal, input EDID management. DVI and SDI output resolution can be customized, for any LED screen pixel-to-pixel display. The whole series support USB upgrade and network/RS232 control, easy for after-sale service and technical support. Multiple input/output configuration for different projects, 3U/4U/8U chassis is available.
MIG-CL9400 series products are widely used in government, transport,  education, hydroelectric, broadcasting & TV and shopping mall, like multi-media conference room, multi-functional hall, monitor center, studio, exhibition center, opera and so on.
  • Pure FPGA hardware architecture
  • 4 independent layers per output
  • Supports mosaic for over 8 times scaled
  • Supports different pixel pitch led screen mosaic
  • Internal 24 bit RGB processing
  • 60Hz real-time processing
  • Input EDID management
  • 4KX2K/8KX1 K@60Hz input
  • Real-time seamless switching
  • Caption & label
  • Freely adjustment for the windows' size and position
  • Layer full screen roaming
  • Customized output resolution
  • Pixel to pixel display HD backgrounds
  • Dual redundant power supply
  • System running real-time monitoring
  • Projector edge blending mosaic
  • Fade effect among layers
  • Layer grouping

MIG-CL 9400 PresentationMIG-CL9400 Video Wall Controller

High resolution LED wall mosaic
High resolution LED Wall mosaic will be realized with corresponding sending cards and the machine's output customization.
One 3U chassis machine supports 12 panels mosaic at most; 4U chassis supports 20 at most; 8U chassis supports 32 at most.
No frame drop or image tear. Supports 4Kx2K/8Kx1K DP input and high resolution pixel-to-pixel display.MIG-CL9400 Video Wall Controller

4 independent layers output by 1 output
One DVI output can display 4 independent layers and one high definition background.
The position, size and order of each layer can be set freely.
Input signal of any layer can also be set freely with the machine's inner video matrix.MIG-CL9400 Video Wall Controller

Caption & label
User can set the caption's size, color, moving speed, background color without PC or USB memory disk,also insert a picture to serve as a label.
Label function(letter or image) allows you mark the layers by words to help memorizing and selecting the right layer exactly and rapidly.MIG-CL9400 Video Wall Controller

Projector edge blending mosaic  
One 3U chassis machine supports 12 times mosaic at most, one 4U chassis controller supports 20 projectors mosaic at most;
one 8U chassis controller supports 32 projectors mosaic at most.
Size, position, transparency and other parameters of the blending parts can be changed via edge blending function.MIG-CL9400 Video Wall Controller


Chassis specification
Chasis 3U 4U 8U
Input channels 20 32 38
Output channels 12 20 32
Power voltage 110~240V
Power frequency 50/60Hz
Operation temperature 0~45℃
Chasis N.W.(KG) 9.6 11.0 18.85
Overall power consumption(W) 300 500 750
Dimension(mm) 482.6×371×133 482.6×371×177 482.6×355×430.5
Input card
Input card type Port type Port quantity Resolution
VGA RGBHV 4 1920×1080/60Hz
DVI DVI-D 4 1920×1080/60Hz& EDID management
HDMI HDMI1.3 4 1920×1080/60Hz
2SDI+2VGA 3G SDI,RGBHV 2+2 1920×1080/60Hz
SDI 3G SDI 4 1080i/60Hz,1080P/60Hz
DP DP1.1 2 3840×1080/60Hz and EDID management
IP H.264 2 1920×1080/60Hz
2SDI+2DVI 3G SDI,DVI-D 2+2 1920×1080/60Hz
HDMI(4K)+DP(4K) HDMI2.0,DP1.2 1+1 3840×2160/60Hz and EDID management
Output card
Output card type Port type Port quantity Resolution
DVI DVI-D(4 layers) 4 1024×968/60Hz                  1366×768/60Hz                 1440×900/60Hz
1440×1440/60Hz               1280×1024/60Hz               1680×1050/60Hz
1600×1200/60Hz               1920×1080/60Hz                2560×816/60Hz
Customized output resolution, horizontal max 2560,
vertical max 2560.
DVI DVI-D(Preview output) 2

(Horizontally 9 windows)

DVI DVI-D(12 layers) 2×2 1920×1080/60Hz,2560×816/60Hz,1440×1440/60Hz& EDID management
SDI SDI(4 layers) 4 1080i/60Hz,1080P/60Hz,
IP H.264 1 IP Monitoring

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