Magnimage Sapphire Series LED Receiving Card LED-M60C M70C LED Display Controller

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LED-M60C/LED-M70C is a small pitch receiver card launched by Magnimage, with high precision interface, single card with maximum 192K (512*384) pixels, supporting up to 32 groups of RGB parallel data, maximum 64 sweeps, and supporting point by point brightness chroma correction, fast bright and dark line repair, bandwidth expansion, free alignment, no upgrade without dead card, RGB custom gamma adjustment, supporting Module Flash management, Support intelligent module, support module auto-correction, color restoration, precision gray control, contour smoothing (18bit+/22bit+), low latency, HDR10, HLG, 3D display, etc., in order to ensure the reliability of the display effect, more stable and reliable, with CLINK software.

LED-M60C/LED-M70C LED Receiving Card Features

  • 32 groups of RGB output

  • Support 192K(512×384)pixels (Equivalent Nova A5s Plus/A8s-N)
  • High refresh, high brightness, high grey levels
  • Receiving card parameter backward reading, configuration backup
  • Receiving card, LAN cable hot backup
  • Screen cabinet temperature, power supply voltage monitor(customized)
  • Smart power supply (customized)
  • Brightness, chroma point by point correction
  • All receiving card parameter monitoring
  • External environment monitoring (customized)
  • RoHS standard
  • CE-EMC standard