Magnimage LED Display Accessories Multifunction Card MFC80

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LED-MFC80 is Magnimage's new multi-functional auxiliary product for LED screens with smoke sensor and temperature and humidity sensor, suitable for large shopping malls and outdoor advertising screens and car screens.

Multifunction Card LED*MFC80 Description:
1、Support network cable serial connection between sending device and receiving card
2、Support RS232 serial communication or network port communication
3、With timing function, it can be used instead of timer and time delay
4、Support 8-way power switch control
5、Support 4-way sensor access
6、Support brightness, temperature and humidity, smoke three different types of sensor product access, to achieve automatic adjustment
7、Support 1 way audio output interface

Input voltage:DC3.5-5.5V
Rated current:0.38A
Rated power:2.5W
Working temperature:-20℃- 75℃
Working humidity:0%RH-90%RH
Rated voltage:AC 250V/DC 30V
Rated current:3A