Linsn TS962 LED Sending Box LED Video Wall Controller

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by Linsn
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TS962 is a large transmission box for the Star Rain 4 network port. It supports monochrome, two-color, full-color display. The maximum load supports 2.6 million pixels. An external brightness sensor can be used to automatically adjust the brightness, which can be controlled in multiple stages.

It has the following features:

1. One DVI video signal input;

2.One HDMI video signal input;

3. Supports fetching back RCG file;

4.  Supports broadcasting RCG file;

5. Supports broadcasting CON file;

6. One Audio signal input;

7. With four network output ports, supports common video source, like 2560x1024,1920x1200,2048x1152;

8.With LCD display panel, supports adjusting brightness by rotary button;

9. Quick setup without PC;

10.Supports cascade function;

11.Supports auto-adjusting brightness (requires light sensor)