Linsn MINI M8 M2 LED Receiving Card LED Mini Receiving Card

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by Linsn
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Linsn MINI M8 LED Receiver Card

Linsn MINI M8 LED Receiving Card
  • 1. It has all functions of 8th and 9th generation receiver cards and it is completely compatible with them;
  • 2. Supports 8-group parallel RGB data output mode;
  • 3. Supports 32-group serial data output mode;
  • 4. Realizes high refresh and high gray level effect;
  • 5. Supports general driver ICs, PWM ICs and other main strain ICs;
  • 6. Supports any type of scan mode within 32 scan, and supports 595 and other serial decoding scan;
  • 7. Supports brightness and color pixel-by-pixel calibration;
  • 8. Maximum supports 512X256 pixels;
  • 9. Supports 12-bit HDMI color input (requires the 9th generation sending card);
  • 10. Supports single-card color space conversion;
  • 11. Supports reading back configuration file;
  • 12. Supports faulty-pixel detection (requires a dedicated chip);
  • 13. Support network cable BER test;
  • 14. Supports faulty-flat cable detection;
  • 15. Supports saving calibration data on flash IC on module;
  • 16. Support voltage monitoring;
  • 17. Support the cabinet-door (open/close) and fan-speed monitoring;

Linsn M2 LED Receiver Card

The use of space is smaller and the installation is simpler.
Support for lighting chromaticity correction
Support temperature, voltage, cable status monitoring
Support receiving card pre-stored screen settings
Support LCD module
Support for hot backup
Support firmware readback
Support receiving card configuration parameter backup
Support foil screen, glass screen and other LED display