LED Mesh Curtain LED Screen

$1,550.00 USD
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LED Mesh Curtain LED ScreenCustomized system solutions according to customer needs fit for urban landscape, stage background. System design is a complete solution which made according to creative display and landscape lighting,and can meet all needs of normal display projection.
  • Consummate techniques
Adopted aluminum material and 3 strips in 1
unit fixed design to maintain the flatness.
  • Transparent & less wind load
35%-70% transparent rate varies with the pixel pitches,effectively reduces wind-drag.
Ventilation ensures strong wind load capacity, fan-less.
This also means LED mesh is environmental protective product.
  • Ultra slim & thin design
30%-60% lighter than traditional one, thinnest part only 12mm
reduce the structure load and installation cost.
LED Mesh Screen
LED Mesh Screen ApplicationLED Mesh Screen Application

LED Mesh Screen Parameters
LED Mesh Screen Application
Notice before order:
1) Parts included : High-quality steel cabinets, LED modules, power supplies, LED receiving card, power cables and signal cables. It does not include sending card. You can order the Master control system by this link: LED Controller.
2) Buy cabinets of same batch: to avoid brightness&color difference on one single screen, you must buy cabinets of the same batch. That is, you must buy the cabinets for one single screen by one order from us.
3) Shipping: The above price does not include shipping cost. The goods can be shipped by sea, by air, by train or by express. You can get your forwarder to ship the goods for you. If you need us to ship the goods, please talk with our online sales to confirm the shipping details.
4) Tariff: Our price does not include any tariff or duties at the destination, you should do import customs clearance and pay all tariff or duties locally.

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