LED Display Packaging Export Logistics Transportation Standard Steel Box

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The steel belt box (fast box) is a detachable and foldable type. The connecting parts are made of brand hot-dip galvanized steel strips, and the box body is made of fully plywood. Quick-packing can usually be recycled, the packaging cost is lower than the disposable wooden box; no fumigation treatment, reducing the burden on the environment, can be assembled or disassembled on site, using a special structure of galvanized steel belt combined with tongue-type lock, will be six The plywood panel is assembled into a foldable and detachable plywood box. The connecting parts are stamped grade cold-rolled galvanized steel strip and tongue-type fasteners. The board is made of artificial composite high-quality plywood. The effect of wood texture, the unique double-sided wood splint effectively raises the horizontal tension, and the bakelite mixture is fully stirred and mixed, greatly increasing its load-carrying capacity, and the bearing capacity is far more than wood, to ensure the quality of the package is strong and durable, and the goods in the whole box are protected. Safety. The appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful, sturdy and durable, with low cost and large carrying capacity.(This product is only sold with a complete set of custom LED display devices and is not sold separately.)
LED Display Packaging Export Logistics Transportation Standard Steel Box

Scope of application
Applicable to LED display export logistics and other applicable industries.
1 Lightweight and durable space with small footprint and high folding rate, which saves transportation and storage space effectively;
2 The unique flexible loading and unloading method makes the packaging easy to complete and can be loaded and unloaded several times at the same time;
3 The price has advantages over the same volume of ordinary frame plywood boxes;
4 The climate has strong ability to withstand the national export packaging quarantine standards, and can be directly exported without fumigation heat treatment;
5 The packaging is beautiful and tidy, and the form standard is uniform. It is convenient to print graphics and text in the cabinet to enhance the product image. ;
6 Customers who use such boxes will have higher packaging requirements and will consider buffering of the workpieces;
Steel belt wooden box (fast box, metal box, assembled wooden box).
Wooden box performance: It is made of high-strength galvanized steel strip, which has excellent bearing and compression resistance, convenient disassembly and re-use.
Scope of application: stereotyped products, uniform chassis, cabinets, testing instruments, printing laser equipment, finance, communication equipment, etc.
Wooden box material: plywood
Quarantine method: export inspection exemption, no need to prove the materials when passing customs, can be exported to any country.
Size: Customizable
Handling method: two-way forklift
Packing: Direct assembly, no professional tools, no nails.
Can be recycled: recyclable
Wooden box weight: lighter
Wooden box load: 1.5-2.0T
To protect the product from damage, for the safety of the product, it is recommended to use a steel belt to wrap the wooden box so that the transportation has no worries.