Kystar U2 Multi-Machine Cascade Synchronous Audio&LED Video Processor

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by Kystar
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Kystar U2 AV Processor

The multi-image splicing processor is a high-end video processing equipment
developed and manufactured by our company for LED large screen display,
performance and leasing, conference room, studio and so on.
The product adopts CPT+ FST splicing technology targeted for small pixel LED
display to guarantee uniformity and synchronization of splicing. The Super Resolution
Zoom-in Technology can help eliminate jaggies and reduce the fuzzy sense and
out-of-focus phenomenon due to image magnification.
● Splicing outputs with resolution up to 2560×1536@60Hz.
● Support user-define output resolutions 2.6million.
● Multi-machine Synchronous Cascade.
● Support synchronous transition of audio and video.
● Fade-in and fade-out transition between any signals.
● Two-channel output, able to complete PIP and POP display.
● Support 1080P full-screen monitoring output.
● 2pcs LED sending cards built-in ability.
● Gathering usage records and Engineering lock.
● Navigational settings, easy to be used without training.

Three Output Modes

Splicing Modes
The two outputs of U2 output different parts respectively to form a complete picture and realize seamless splicing on the LED diplay, able to support the maximum 2560×1536 resolution.
Copy Mode
The two output ports of U2 output uniform picture. It is easy to drive two identical screens. When driving a single screen, it can also be relatively easy to connect the sending cards.
In this mode, it Support user-define output resolutions 2.6million.
Monitoring Mode
The two output ports of U2 output uniform signal. One acts as a programming output to drive the LED display while the other one keeps the original image to drive the local monitor, at the same time.

Special function

Gathering usage records
Using this function , You can know the use condition of machine any time.
Engineering lock
U2 Support engineering lock function, and could set working hours. After the scheduled time is reached, it is required to enter the unlock code to use.
In use time, if failed to unlock timely, the device will be locked, and no other operations could be conducted except entering unlock code. The device has no output during locking process.

Professional Configurations

Professional AV Ports
Standard U2 has 6-channel video input:HDMI×1,DVI×1, VGA×2,CVBS×2;DVI loop×1。
In particular, KS800 is equipped with 4-channel stereo input and 1-channel audio (The video signals can be specified for synchronous switching).Kystar U2/KS880 AV Processor

PBP and Transition Effects

PBP Display
U2 can support PBP to achieve PIP and POP display or can be used to control two screens different in size.
Fade-in and fade-out transition
All input signals of U2 can support fade-in and fade-out transition.

High-Performance Iamge Processing

Super Resolution and LED Intelligent Balancing
U2 can support Super Resolution zoom technology, able to zoom in/out images by any size and simultaneously enhance the image details. In addition, the LED intelligent balancing technology can bring better color performance for the LED display system.Kystar U2/KS880 AV Processor