Hirender S3 4UPro 2UPro Media Servers Large Size Screen LED Display Graphics System

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Hirender 4UPro Media Servers

Hirender 4UPro is a high-performance custom media server optimized for Hirender S3 software. Hirender 4UPro features four 4K outputs and multiple video capture channels. Designed for large-scale performances and activities.
Touch Panel Function
  • Monitor CPU/ memory usage
  • Monitor temperature of CPU and graphics card
  • Monitor status of graphics card output
  • Monitor running time information
  • Touch shortcut key to open S3 display
  • Change IP of the PC
  • Clear the S3 display cache
  • Change audio player device
  • Change the encryption lock mode
  • Touch shortcut key to lock the screen
  • Power off the server periodically
Technical specifications
System connectivity       Video Output     3xDisplayPort 1.4(5120*2880 max)  1xDisplayPort 1.4
                                           Video Input         4*HDMI or 4*HD-SDI
Physical Specifications     Mounting System     4U"rack mount
                                             Unit Dimensions      W:483mm H:178mm D:650mm
                                             Unit & Rack Handles  18kg
                                             Environmental Tolerances   Temperature:5-35°C(40°-95°F)
                                             Altitude:0-8850 ft(0-2700m)
Hardware Specifications           CPU        Intel 8-core high frequency processor
                                           Motherboard   Hight performance PRIME Motherboard
                                           Memory     16G DDR4 2666Mhz high frequency memory
                                           Hard Disk    500G M.2 SSD(Extensible)
                                           Power Supply   600W High Quality 80Plus Power Supply
                                           GPU   Quadro 5GB Professional Graphics Card
                                           Capture Card     Hirender Custom Capture Card
                                           Audio    3.5mm Audio port/ 7.1 sound channel/ Cannon port/ Built-in audio isolation

Hirender 2UPro Media Servers

Hirender 2UPro is a high-performance custom media server optimized for the Hirender S1 software. Hirender 2UPro has four 2K outputs and two video capture channels. Designed for small performances and activities.

Technical specifications
System connection       output         3x DisplayPort 1.2 Stage interface (up to: 4096 x 2160) 1x DisplayPort 1.2 User interface
                                     input  2x HD-SDI and 2x DVI(Basic configuration) ( up to:1920 x 1080@60FPS )
                                 Data/peripheral         2xUSB2.0
                                                                    Audio input/output
                                                                    1x Microphone input
                                                                    1x line output
                                Working condition       temperature:5 - 35°C(40° - 95°F)
                                                                     humidity:5% - 95%(non-condensing)
                                                                     altitude:0 - 8850 ft(0 - 2700m)
                                Power supply              100-240v,50-60Hz
                                power       500W @ 230V(MAX)

Paired with Hirender S3

Hirender S3
Hirender S3 multimedia server can easily manage the broadcast control process with its powerful dual control mode (timeline + window). The innovative program management module makes switching easier and more flexible. It can achieve up to 15360*2160 through high-performance server. Point-to-point display, multiple infinite poles and many other effects. At the same time, multi-channel synchronous output can easily achieve all the effects of super-resolution LED splicing, projection fusion, creative display and so on.

Hirender is system for large size screen display technology. Hirender is the maker of expansive size multi-show programming, your most optimized plan of attack to making fabulous shows. Utilize Hirender to create and deal with all the distinctive media components in your show – video, still pictures, animations, illustrations, live feeds, sound – and afterward play it back on various showcases. Flawlessly synchronized, high res and appropriate on-cue.

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