Colorlight XH6 Programmable Central Control System

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The integrated control host is specially developed for the integration and control of multimedia systems. Through its rich bus interface, powerful programmable capability and friendly DIY human-machine interface, it organically integrates various systems of multimedia environment, thus presenting users with a complete, reliable, convenient and practical, personalized and economical overall solution.
This host has the ability to integrate almost all multimedia system related products and directly or indirectly support all kinds of devices with the following types of interfaces: such as KNX/EIB, BACNET/IP, LONGWORK, CAN, X10, ZIGBEE, MODBUS, RS-485/422/232, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, SNMP, RF- ID, I/O, IR, etc.
This host is designed and manufactured with industrial grade, the main CPU is FREESCALE POWER PC series 32-bit processor, running Linux operating system, powerful, reliable, easy to expand, both self-contained system, and can be used with other systems. Its time-sensitive, preemptible, multi-tasking, multi-threaded program structure design provides strong support for complex control applications.
This host supports multiple devices network cascade to achieve large and complex network control or centralized control in a networked way.
This host has the ability to work reliably 24 hours a day, and is widely used in conference rooms, home automation, building automation, multi-function halls, training centers, command and control centers, display centers, special vehicles, industrial automation and other applications. In order to realize various control functions, it is necessary to use the integrated development software "Logic Master 1.5.2" (Logic Master 1.5.2 and its subsequent versions) under WINDOWS environment to program the integrated control mainframe with this mainframe. The control program can be created on site according to the application needs, and each port, such as Ethernet network port, multi-function serial port, local low-speed dedicated RS-485 network port, infrared/one-way serial port, relay port and I/O port, can be programmed to control and manage other devices through the program design. Network IP address, network port number, protocol and baud rate of serial communication.
Control of many network interface devices: central air conditioning system, intelligent lighting system, building automatic control system, audio processing system, security system, etc. is realized by programmable Ethernet network interface with TCP/SERVER, TCP/CLIENT, UDP/SERVER, UDP/CLIENT.
Realize the control of many serial controlled devices by programmable RS-232/422/485: security system, home theater system, multimedia audio and video system, projector, audio processor, signal switcher, etc.
Through programmable I/O and low-voltage relay interface, you can control security system, access control system, low-voltage electric equipment, etc.
Through programmable infrared (IR) ports, numerous audio and video devices can be controlled: media players, hard disk recorders, Blu-ray DVDs, home air conditioners, televisions, etc.
To sum up, it is possible to realize unified, reliable and convenient control and management of many kinds of devices from many kinds of manufacturers by programmable means according to the interfaces and protocols of controlled devices.