Colorlight LED Display Accessories SSR-SMOG Transducer

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Colorlight SSR-SMOG Transducer

SSR-SMOG smoke transducer with ceiling type adopts highly sensitive smoke sensor imported from Korea as core detection device, it can make qualitative measurement of various smokes with high precision of 2000PPM; SSR-SMOG has characteristics like wide measuring range, built-in alarm function, good linearity, easy to use, simple installation, far transmission distance, etc., which is suitable for all kinds of places. Probe is available for measurement of lampblack, smog, etc. SSR-SMOG is commonly used to qualitative measurement. SSR-SMOG has special design and it is convenient to replace the probe.
The module adopts MODBUS-RTU communication protocol which is widely used in industry and supports secondary development. Users can achieve queries and settings of module’s data with arbitrary serial communication software according to the communication protocol.
  • RS485 telecommunication, can be controlled remotely;
  • Low power consumption, high-decibel alarm;
  • Sound-light alarm, long service life;
  • Ceiling mounting, easy and convenient;
  • Standard wire length: 5 meter.

Measuring range:0~2000ppm
Temperature characteristic:±0.5%/℃
Sensitive material:Smoke sensor imported from Korea
Baud rate:9600
Communication interface:RS485
Power supply:AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Power adapter:DC12V 2A
Power consumption:2W
Storage Temperature:-40 - 85℃
Operating temperature:-40 - 85℃

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