Colorlight Cloud Player LED Display Controller A200 A100 A60 LED Multimedia Player

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Colorlight A200 / A100 is a new generation of synchronous and asynchronous cloud networking players, supporting synchronous display and asynchronous playback output. Support 4K 10bits H265/H264 hard decoding, 4K VP9 decoding, support 1920×1200@60Hz output. Based on the powerful Colorlight cloud service platform, it provides browser login device monitoring, program production, scheduling and cluster publishing, multi-level authority management and other functions.
A200 / A100 supports WiFi, LAN, 4G (optional) multiple networking methods, rapid deployment to achieve intelligent cloud management functions, multi-screen, multi-service, and cross-region unified management, reaching a new level in the LED commercial display networking cluster application.
A200 / A100 supports arbitrary arrangement of multi-window programs, supports video, pictures, text, tables, clocks, streaming media, web pages, weather and other program material playback, and supports up to 2 channels of 1080P video decoding and playback at the same time or 1 channel of 4K video decoding and playback . Support the use of PlayerMaster for program editing and publishing.
The A200 / A100 has a permanent WiFi hotspot on board, and supports WiFi hotspots in the connection environment, and supports mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices for program management and parameter setting. A200  / A100 supports timing settings and local area network scheduling, and is equipped with a light sensor interface, which can realize automatic brightness setting to meet the brightness adjustment needs of various occasions.
  • Connect to the network through WIFI/LAN/4G module (optional) for cloud cluster management
  • Support synchronous input display or asynchronous playback display, support setting synchronous and asynchronous priority
  • Max. load A200:2.3 million pixels |  A100:1.3 million pixels | A60:1.3 million pixels 
  • Asynchronous maximum output 1920X1200@60Hz picture, maximum width 4096 pixels, maximum 2560 pixels
  • Support audio output
  • Built-in 8G memory, users can use 4G storage capacity, support USB playback
  • Fully compatible with conventional synchronous control system program management and display screen configuration mode
  • System authority authentication, support data channel encryption
  • Multi-level authority management, release after program review
  • Real-time monitoring of playing content, timely feedback of running status
  • Various sensors on the screen, cloud detection and intelligent linkage
  • Support U disk plug and play
  • Support multi-screen synchronized playback (GPS synchronization, NTP synchronization)
  • Support timing schedule, support LAN schedule, Internet schedule
  • It can be configured as a WIFI hotspot, supporting PC, mobile phone, pad and other smart terminals for management
  • Support the monitoring of operating environment temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameters, and automatically adjust the brightness of the display
Colorlight Cloud Player LED Display Controller A200 LED Multimedia Player
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