55/65/75/100 inch multimedia teaching conference all-in-one educational tablet electronic whiteboard touch monitor

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55"/65"/75"/100" All-in-one teaching conference machine   

All-in-one teaching conference machine is used for intelligent all-in-one machine, electronic whiteboard, remote conference. It can be multi-touch, intelligent annotation, wireless screen, scan and save, anti-fingerprint screen, multi-screen interaction, 4K high-definition screen, dual-system switching.
  • Integrate six major functions
Multi-use, build diversified intelligent office, integrating computer, TV, stereo, tablet, projector and writing whiteboard.
  • Interactive teaching and interest cultivation
Combining sound, pictures, animation and video to create an interesting teaching context and stimulate students' desire for knowledge.
  • Multi-touch Multi-person Q&A
Smooth touch writing experience, multiple people can write at the same time, multiple gesture operation, easy and convenient
  • Anytime, Anywhere Video Conferencing
Powerful remote video conferencing feature allows you to work remotely from anywhere (camera sold separately).
  • Two-way control with wireless screen
Two-way operation between mobile devices and conferencing machines enables content sharing
  • Easy quarter-screen comparison at a glance
New human-computer interaction experience, collaborative presentation, two-way operation touch control
Note that a separate wireless screen thrower is required to use the laptop wireless screen.
  • Document Presentation Creative Annotations
Based on a conferencing system developed under the installation system, optimized for conferencing and user experience, which can be opened directly and easily for presentation annotations.
  • Content sharing Scan away
You can generate QR codes for writing and annotations on teaching/conference tablets, and easily take them away with a swipe of your mobile phone.
  • VIP reception
Multiple industry conference themes, multiple welcome templates, and self-editing
  • 4K Ultra HD image quality with anti-glare
178° wide viewing angle, low blue light eye protection mode, to protect your eyesight health
  • System options Easy switching
Android system, windows system can be switched in real time
  • Two types of installation
Wall or floor mounting available upon request.

Package "WINDOS Touch All-in-One" with 2nd Generation I3/4G+120G as standard, upgradeable to I5 / I7.
The package "Android Touch All-in-One" comes standard with quad-core ARM Cortex A53 1.5GHz 2+8G.

Size: 55"|65"|70"|75"|86"|100"
Machine Size(mm):1259*770|1514*934|1594*964|1737*1060|1990*1202|2261*1332
Screen Size (mm):1213*684|1430*805|1510*835|1652*930 |1897*1068|2208*1245
Screen type: LED anti-interference screen
Resolution:3840*2160 4K Ultra HD
Viewing angle: 178° (H) 178° (V)
Recognition principle: infrared touch
Recognition accuracy: 2mm
Response time: <5 milliseconds
Control Points: 10 touch points
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3
Memory: 4G
Storage: 128G
Power supply: 12V 5A

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