Novastar VX400s-N LED Video Processor

The difference between NovaStar video processor VX400 and VX400s-N

The difference between NovaStar video processor VX400 and VX400s-N
We know that since NovaStar launched the VX series, there are many classic models that are very popular because of their stability and ease of use. VX4S is the most widely used one, and VX400 and VX400s-N are deeply related to it. The VX400 is an updated version of the VX4S and became its replacement after the VX4S was discontinued. After the VX4S became a hit, manufacturer NovaStar considered that the VX4S was relatively expensive and launched an economical version of the VX400s to make up for the price disadvantage. An updated version of the VX400s, the VX400s-N, is also a newer replacement like the VX400.
After talking about the biggest price difference, let’s take a look at the device itself. As two-in-one video processors, their functionality is identical. It is most suitable for stage scenes with two small children and one large one. It is equipped with zooming and video signal conversion. In appearance, the VX400 is more gorgeous, with beautiful crystal buttons and a compact chassis design. In addition, VX400 is also equipped with an optical fiber interface, which has better transmission capabilities and does not require an additional photoelectric conversion box (CVT320/CVT310). The VX400s-N does not have these.
In terms of carrying capacity, VX400s-N is 2.3 million pixels, VX400 is 2.6 million pixels, and VX400 will have a larger maximum width and height. Advantages in irregular displays, there will be more resolution options.
Other than that, they're pretty much it. The VX400s-N is a limited edition, suitable for large performance companies or customers with heavy usage. This is also the reason why I recommend VX400s-N. It can save us a lot of money, right?
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