Novastar VX16s LED Video Processor

Discover Why the Novastar VX16s LED Video Processor is a Industry Favorite

Discover Why the Novastar VX16s LED Video Processor is a Industry Favorite

Since its development, the VX series has been a popular product, with almost all VX series products flying off the shelves. It is Novastar's flagship product, consistently leading in sales.

What sets the VX series apart?

The earlier models like VX2s, VX4s, VX4s-N, VX6s, VX4U, and VX400s have all proven the point, dominating the market until their discontinuation. The VX series, as a two-in-one masterpiece, has greatly improved the deployment of LED displays, saving workers time and money. Its flexible stability has also won over many, likely the reason for its popularity.

Why choose the VX16s?

The VX16s, along with VX400, VX600, and VX1000, hit the market almost simultaneously. With the rapid development of small-pitch displays and the demand for 4K quality, the VX16s was born. With up to 16 output ports, it can handle an astonishing 10.4 million pixels. Unlike similar products that require numerous sending boxes and cables, even almost needing a video controller matrix, the VX16s excels in this aspect, saving space and costs.

What makes the VX16s stand out?

Its powerful features make it the ceiling of video processors. Despite its powerful capabilities, its price is not exorbitant, saving money equivalent to four sending cards, making it extremely cost-effective. Like the VX1000, it can also be cascaded, expanding its usage and applicable in the 3D display field.

The Novastar VX16s LED Video Processor is truly versatile, with its fair price adding to its appeal. Just like the VX400s-N, it has become almost a necessary video processor for engineering LED displays. We have ample stock available, so if you need one, make sure to purchase it soon.

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